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7 Inappropriate Children’s Toys

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The gift-giving holidays will be here sooner than you know it so be sure to steer clear of some of the TOYS ON THIS LIST.

The top two creepiest, to me, out of the bunch would have to be the You Can Shave The Baby doll and the Pole Dancer. In regards to the hairy baby – what the hell is that?! Besides, maybe, individuals suffering from hypertrichosis I think it unncessary to shave a baby let alone encourage other babies to think it’s ok to take a sharp object and shave another one.

As for the latter toy, what parent in their right mind would buy this for their daughter? It might be different if this was renaissance themed and the doll was dancing around the maypole, but she’s not and that toy is not cute at all. (via Huffington Post)


Your Own Look Alike Robot

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courtesy of UK Mail

courtesy of UK Mail

For the narcassist in you a Japanese company (where else of course?!) named Little Island will make a mini version of yourself for about $2,000. It comes equipped with a microphone and wires where you can hook it up to your computer where it will, in your own voice, read you your favorite RSS feeds. That’s pretty creepy. Check out the video below of Little Island’s president Hiroake Koike demonstrating with his own robot.


Are Girls Being Brainwashed To Like The Color Pink?

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Some parents are saying yes. When it comes to buying toys and clothing for little girls some parents are sick of being bombarded with the color pink. They feel marketers, in the past and with full force more recently, are making products offered to young people sexist. They believe products are reinforcing/ingraining gender stereotypes and roles within society.

Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood says, “It’s just so insidious and it shows how commercial forces can get under their skin even by that age (by age 3)”. Link! (via Daily Telegraph)