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Hines Ward Helps Bi-Racial Youths Deal With Discrimination In South Korea

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HinesWardPittsburgh Steeler, and 2006 MVP, Hines Ward recently hosted a group of eight bi-racial Korean youths to discuss their stories of discrimination, taunts, and banishment they’ve received in South Korea. One teenager even re-told his attempt at suicide as an escape from the harsh treatment he’s received as an Amerasian. Sadly, according to statistics, children of mixed unions often end up in poverty and are prone to suicide due to how they are treated in Korean society.

Ward, who himself is Korean on his mother’s side and African-American on his father’s side, hopes to change the children’s perspectives as well as the people of Korea. To do this, he established the Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation; which fights to end racism against biracial Koreans.

“It’s a great culture. I love everything about it. But there’s a dark side to that culture. And me, I’m just trying to shed a light on that dark side and make Korea a better place than it already is.”

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Korean Government Plans To Help Obese Children

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Now that obesity has hit children in South Korea, the government plans on paying for their health club memberships and other activities that will get them out of the house. Health ministry official Chun Myung-sook feels that the program, which will allot about 40,000 won ($33.58) a month per child, is very cost effective in the long term as childhood obesity has already had a negative 2 trillion won impact on their government and economy. The money will be on a debit like card which will prevent children from spending it on non-health related things. “Kids won’t be able to waste the money on eating sweets. We will give them electronic vouchers that can only be used in designated places,” Chun said. Link!