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Wonderfully Weird Balloon Art

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JasonHackenwerth<At first glance, you may think you’ve come across a photograph still from a science fiction movie filled with creatures from planets light years away but take a closer look and you are indeed looking at balloons painstakingly put together in beautiful way.

New York based artist Jason Hackenwerth has chosen the medium of balloons to show what he feels conveys the “combination of spirituality and sexuality.” But why use something so fragile as this thin plastic and not a more permanent form like stone?

“I’m filling them. The air inside is slipping out. It’s a great metaphor for our own lives.” The works sag with gravity over time, shrinking as they age, “a perfect combination of sadness and joy.”

Link via The Daily Mail

(Image courtesy of Jason Hackenwerth)


Pole Dancing Robots!

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image courtesy of dailylife

image courtesy of dailylife

Artist Giles Walker has made my nightmares come true! Maybe it’s the creepy music accompanying lifeless robots as they slowly grind against a pole or mechanically bob their head to the beat.

Well, this isn’t as bad as my childhood fear of Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” video. I would run from the television set when that video, also involving robots and mannequins, would come on MTV.

Seriously, Walker’s robots are awesome. Check out HIS BIO HERE to find out where he gained his passion for sculpture.