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Recent Plague Death Caused By Dead Lion

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Biologist Eric York was only 37-years old when he passed away last October from the plague. How did this epidemic, that killed most of Europe in the Middle Ages, turn up again in Arizona in the 21st century?

Scientists believe York found a dead mountain lion at Grand Canyon National Park and wanted to study its cause of death as it didn’t appear to show signs of trauma besides that of a bloody nose. Because the park lacks a forensic lab, Eric took the lion carcass to his garage and performed a postmortem. That’s when, epidemic experts believe, a cloud of  bacteria must have been released when he cut into the animal, thus unbeknownst to him inhaling the deadly toxins. Three days later, he was found motionless on the couch by his roommate. Link! (via USA Today)


Dogs Actually Can See Colors

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For years many believed that dogs were colorblind, but a new study by Jay Neitz of UC Santa Barbara has revealed that dogs do actually see color. Though not as rich and/or intense as a human’s sight, their visionary range includes shades of blue, brown, and yellow. Link!


From The Mouths Of Babes

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A new study published in the Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy asked what children, in elementary, thought of race and gender in the presidency. The results were disheartening with one in four believing it is illegal for Latinos, African-Americans, women, and other people of color to be President and that they were intentionally excluded. Another child believes there’s never been a woman president because “boys won’t vote for girls.”

So, why the negative view? Study author Rebecca S. Bigler, Ph. D. explained, Kids knew a surprisingly lot about the presidents. They have seen them all over the media, on posters, in classroom history books, yet no one ever explains to them why they have all been white men. There is never a conversation about that so children start to come up with their own explanations.” Link!


A Shark’s Immaculate Conception

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Scientists have confirmed the second case of a “virgin birth” in a shark Friday. The pup, through DNA testing, proved to have no male genetic material. Apparently, scientists have long known that these sorts of births are not a rare occurrence in the animal kingdom. There have been cases of female bony fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds bearing young without the aid of a male.

Shark scientist and lead author of the second  study Demian Chapman commented, “It is quite possible that this is something female sharks of many species can do on occasion.” Can this help with the declining population of sharks in the wild? “It is very unlikely that a small number of female survivors could build their numbers up quickly by undergoing virgin birth.” Link!


Feeling cold? Make some friends!

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A study conducted by The University of Toronto found that there was a distinct correlation between how someone perceived body temperature and if they felt excluded from a group or not. Test subjects were made to feel included or excluded then asked to gauge the temperature or choose from an array of hot and cold foods/drink. The group that was excluded estimated that the temperature was very cold and they also choose warmer foods like soup whereas the included group felt the temperature was hot and chose things like an apple. Dr Lesley Prince, a lecturer in psychology at Birmingham University, said: “This is very interesting, and shows there are physiological correlates to emotions.” Link!


Scientists Prediction: No Ice In The Artic During Summertime

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polarbearWith global warming in effect, scientists are estimating that in about five years time, the artic won’t have any ice during the summertime which will have a huge climate impact on the rest of the world. Currently, the artic is seeing less and less ice than previously recorded which is basically killing the already endangered polar bear population who call the icy atmosphere home. Some are dying by drowning as there isn’t enough ice to climb onto for rest, others by hunger. Some have even turned to cannibalism to survive. Link!


Wilma – The Face Of A Neanderthal

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In next month’s National Geographic issue, scientist have unveiled the first model of what a Neanderthal woman may have looked like based partly on DNA evidence taken from bones that are thousands of years old. Researchers gave her the name “Wilma”, based on the Flintstones cartoon character, because evidence shows she had red hair. Jamie Shreeve, National Geographic’s senior science editor who oversaw the project, said: “For the first time, anthropologists can go beyond fossils and peer into the actual genes of an extinct species of human.” Link! (Full article and gallery)