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First Mural Depicting Daily Mayan Life Revealed

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Previous mural discoveries have usually shown the elite class, religious ceremonies, or battle depictions but archaeologist have discovered an ancient Mayan mural that highlights the daily happenings of common people. According to scientist, this is indeed a first.

The mural shows scenes involving everyday common tasks like going to the market and food preparation. Unlike other murals, showing the high class, this was on the exterior of a building for all to see. LINK!

(Image courtesy of National Geographic)


Peru Harvests Water With Nets

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PerunetIn Peru, water can be a scarce necessity. But what they lack for in this resource, the country more than makes up for it in abundant fog. Recently scientists have devised a way to harvest the water present in fog by catching it with nets. Once enough water is collected it streams down makeshift gutters and is then collected into tanks at the bottom of the hillside.

Low income and rural families are now able to have a healthy, free source of water to drink and to much needed crops as well. LINK!


Archaeologists Uncover New Findings On Easter Island

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rapanuimoaiTwo British archaeologists, Dr. Colin Richars and Dr. Sue Hamilton, have discovered a site where the ancient Rapa Nui obtained the red scoria rock to create “hats” atop the famous statues (also known as “moai”) on the island.

“The team examined the way the hats, each weighing several tons and made of red scoria, a volcanic rock like pumice, were moved by Polynesians between 500 and 750 years ago.

They were placed on the heads of carved stone human figures known as moai which stand on ceremonial platforms which encircle the island’s coastline. The way the hats were raised and attached is unknown.” (via The Daily Mail)


(Image courtesy of Flickr user onefastp11)


Poor Baby! Child Traumatized in MGMT Music Video

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Little Albert

Little Albert

I went to Europe about a month ago and while I was there I saw this really creepy/sad music video. I saw it on Viva TV, but they only showed it once so I quickly forgot about it once I went outside and became a tourist again. When I came back to the U.S. I couldn’t remember the name of the group or the song, but a quick Google search of “music video” + “child crying” + “monsters” soon led me to it.

The song is entitled “Kids” by MGMT f.k.a. The Management. It features a baby surrounded by scary looking monsters and in turn the child is freaked out. Even though this isn’t first person perspective, I’m guessing we’re seeing the world through the child’s eyes as everything is unknown and can be quite scary. But the video is still hard to watch as the baby obviously doesn’t know what’s happening and is truly terrified. It almost reminds me of the Little Albert Experiment.


Scientists Create Futuristic Hotel Room

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The Jetson’s never had it this good while traveling!

Scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organisation in Stuttgart Germany have developed what they believe is the “hotel room of the future.” Instead of straight lines and bleak, generic furnishings they have created a “curvy” room with innovative gadgets that not only look impressive, but according to their research, are suppose to make a person more comfortable on a subconcious level. For example everything in the room from the walls to desks are curved with no corners in sight as studies have shown straight lines and points make one depressed. Another cool feature is a bed that will rock you to sleep as if you were back in your mothers womb! Link! (via The BBC)


Shrinking Breasts Caused By Coffee

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I’ll only drink coffee if I’m either exhausted or recovering from a hangover, but for some people they just can’t get enough of that warm, tasty drink. Now scientists claim that drinking three cups of coffee per day can shrink women’s breasts. Studies showed that the ingredients in coffee have an effect on the female hormone estrogen. But don’t panic, ladies, you won’t see your breasts going from a D cup to an A overnight. Link! (via Daily Mail)


Eat Slower To Gain Less Weight

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A study out of London showed how fast people ate their food and what their waistlines were like. People who tend to eat quickly until full were three times more likely to be obese than volunteer participants were said they ate slowly until full.

Scientists claim that with the availability of cheap, fast food, and a more sedentary lifestyle a lot of people aren’t actually paying attention into what goes into their bodies. Environment is also a factor with most of the obese participants eating quickly while watching television. Researchers say the solution would be to eat slower in a calmer environment.

I’ve found that it’s worked for me because it takes a while for the brain to get the message that your stomach is actually full. So, take the time to enjoy your meal and relax! Link! (via Reuters)