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Nude Olympics To Be Held In San Francisco

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ancientgreeceolympicsThe U.S. may have lost out to sunny Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics, but who needs clothed athletes when you can head out to San Francisco for the Second Annual Nude Beach Olympics? Set to take place October 10th at Baker Beach, participants won’t be competing for gold, silver, or bronze but instead taking a cue from ancient Greece and vying for wreaths made of olive branches.

“Events include the 100-, 500-, and 1,000-meter dashes (though, on foot and in the sand, “dash” may be the incorrect word. Would “jangle” work?); ancient Greek wrestling (“No slugging, kicking, biting, or gouging”); sumo wrestling (same set of forbidden moves); discus (actually, a frisbee is involved); broad jump (nude broad-jumping … make your own pun); volleyball; and touch football.” Link!

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PS You May Have An STD

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With an array of STDs out there that we must protect ourselves from, there is still a stigma of advising a lover, or former lover, to get tested as well if one contracts a disease. But website has made the news a little easier with their free service of e-cards that can be sent anonymously to those friends you think should get tested.

Since it started in 2004 in San Francisco, it has since spread to 10 other major cities throughout the United States and a European site is now in the works. With more than 50,000 cards sent to date, director of STD Prevention and Control Services in San Francisco Jeffrey D. Klausner believes this is a positive use of the web. “When you weigh the importance of getting people notified, that’s ultimately what needs to be done. By notifying them – even if it’s done anonymously, even distantly, even with an e-card – the benefits of getting someone diagnosed and treated outweigh the concerns of insensitivity.” Link! (via CNN)


Golden Gate Bridge Will Receive Net

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After watching clips from the movie “The Bridge”, I didn’t know whether I should add it to my Netflix queue or not. I was disturbed yet fascinated on its premise; a camera is set rolling on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge as it captures over the course of an entire year people jumping to their deaths and interviews of family members and friends.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a well known iconic piece of structure that, for many years, has been the final destination of many. But, recently, a panel has voted to finally make a suicide barrier that could prevent the deaths of many who flock there. Building it could take several years and cost around $40 million to $50 million, but I’m so glad they finally decided on this as it is a much needed addition to this historic landmark. The money is nothing compared to how many lives it will save in the future. Link!