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Junior Stares Down Bull And Loses

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JuniorSeauFormer linebacker Junior Seau was a guest bullfighter at a Professional Bull Riders event in Ontario when he got knocked to the ground by an enraged bull. He was filming a segment for his new show “Sports Jobs With Junior Seau”.

(Image courtesy of Flickr user jsindal)

Brad Pitt Plays Servant to Sumo

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pittyokozunaA while back there were photos circulating the interwebs of Brad Pitt filming a commercial for Japanese cellphone company SoftBank. The clip was just released and in it we see Brad Pitt playing personal servant to famous Polynesian sumo wrestler Yokozuna Musashimaru (given name Fiamalu Penitani).

Ain’t it cute?

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The Clean Up Crew

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"It's all about the paper"

"It's all about the paper"

I’m about a year late, but I just caught wind of this comedic web series “The Clean Up Crew”. Its basically, like, if you were to combine The Office and CSI. Taking comedy and the mockumentary set-up and combining it with the latter’s crime scene blood and guts.

The show follows the daily occurrences of a crime scene clean up crew as they deal with the competing businesses, snotty detectives, and just with each other.

My favorite crew member is the strong, but silent type Ofato (played with great comedic timing by Samoan actor Tyler Tuione). Too bad his character doesn’t say anything, but Tuione uses it to his advantage by getting his point across through his facial expressions. I think he does a better acting job than his counterparts with speaking roles.



Troy Polamalu Graces Madden 2010

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polamalumadden10We’re not even close to it being football season, but for sports fans that season comes a few months early courtesy of John Madden and his line of successful video games base on the NFL. The new edition “Madden 10” is stated to be released in early August.

There was a lot of buzz as to who would be on the coveted cover of the ageing player, coach, and commentator’s new installment of the Madden series. In the past John Madden himself was the coverboy from 1990 – 2001. In 2001, EA Sports decided to put other football players on the cover starting a tradition that has gained popularity for the game and for the player featured.


Madden's First Cover In 1990

This time around EA Sports has decided to try something different yet again and have, for the first time, two players on the cover – Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu and Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald. Not only are there two people for the first time, but it should also be noted that Polamalu is the first Polynesian to grace the cover! Look at us comin’ up 😉

Check out some behind the scenes footage of them shooting the cover below.


Tuesday Eye Candy – Dwayne Johnson

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Name: Dwayne Douglas Johnson aka “The Rock”
DOB: May 2, 1972 in Hayward, CA
Claim to fame: Being a wrestling champion within the WWE then later showing his acting chops, and perfect physique/face/smile *sigh*, in movies such as “The Scorpion King”, “Get Smart”, and “Gridiron Gang” to name a few.
Background: His father is Rocky Johnson a well respected and popular Black Canadian professional wrestler. His mother, Ata, is the daughter of Samoan wrestler “High Chief” Peter Maivia and wrestling promoter Ofelia “Lia” Maivia. It apparent Dwayne was bound to become “The People’s Champion” as he has the sport in his blood.

Check him out below playing a pissed-off Hawaiian. Damn, this man is fine! I love when he dances…

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Flashback Friday! (GLOW-Mt. Fiji)

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Emily Dole in 2007

Emily Dole in 2007

Does anyone remember GLOW? The Jackie Stallone promoted women only wrestling show from the 80’s? I pretty much forgot about it until a friend of mine posted a video of their intro where the ladies would rap! Yes rap was still fresh at the time and everybody thought they could do it (don’t believe me? Click HERE for Rodney Dangerfield and HERE for “Average Homeboy” Denny Blaze).

My favorite, of course, was Mt. Fiji played by the Samoan athlete Emily Dole. I just remember seeing big hair and her big smile when she kicked ass in the ring. Aside from her stint on GLOW, she appeared in Mama’s Family as part of the Masked Mables and Pauly Shore’s movie “Son In Law”.

Whatever happened to her? I found two recent articles from an Orange County newspaper. The first was from 2007 as she states what her goals are for her 50th birthday. The second article was from 2008, where she’s interviewed from a nursing home.

Below is a clip of the GLOW women making an appearance on gameshow Card Sharks where Emily famously hoists host Bob Eubanks over her head. This lady is awesome. (It starts aroun the 2:52 mark).



Taylor Vaifanua Exits American Idol

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taylorvaifanuaOh, hell no! Miss Vaifanua was voted off of American Idol last night! She performed Alicia Keys’ hit “If I Ain’t Got You” which the judges thought was was “bland” and “boring”. I was hoping that she’d step-it-up a notch and bring some flava to her rendition. But, she has a beautiful voice and look and I think she has a future in the music industry.

Now that both Poly’s have been voted off American Idol there’s no reason for me to keep watching this “bland” and “boring” show.
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Polynesians On American Idol

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During season 3, Jonah Moananu made it to the top 32 and now we have not 1 but 2 Polys competing to be the next American Idol! I actually haven’t watched American Idol in years but I happened to catch a re-run of the SF auditions when the show interviewed Kai Kalama. Hmmm, that sounded Hawaiian to me. After some Googling, I found he and his brother, Ryan along with Kent Graves, are in a band called Off White.

From their MySpace page: “The Kalama Brothers grew up in a desert climate, which drove them inside to discover MTV. And by discover they mean devour. Being from Hawaiian descent, the Kalama’s never forgot their embedded need to melt hearts; but also had a great hunger to melt minds as well. The Kalama family is not only big in size, but big on each other. Mom taught them to sing via the church choir and Dad taught from the stage.” I’ll be watching upcoming episodes to see if the Kanaka Maoli makes it.

Later when I checked the American Idol website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that another Poly besides Kalama had made it to the Hollywood auditions. Taylor Vaifanua, who is Samoan, won her ticket when she sang “Joyful Joyful” in Salt Lake City. She’s only 16, but is one of the favorites so far. I wish both of them luck! Watch below for their auditions (sorry about the crappy quality).


Andrew Zimmern Visits Samoa

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Andrew Zimmern, from one of my favorite shows “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel, will be making a stop in Samoa for tonights episode so I’ll definitely be watching. It’s a good thing he has an adverturous spirit because I would never eat 99.99% of what he has. Some people can’t stomach the food being shown, but I find Zimmern’s display of his voracious appetite in his host country to be more disturbing. Here you have folks from third world countries making him a feast that took them a while to make and prepare and he just dives into it all the while talking with his mouth full. UGH! Link!


Monday Cuteness! (Little Girl Dances To Yung Joc)

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This little girl cracks me up with those faces.