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Celebrity Doppelgaengers – Amber Rose And Stains The Cupcake Dog

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AmberRoseStainsAmber Rose, the stripper turned Kanye West girlfriend turned Ford model, showed up at an event in Las Vegas sporting vampire like ice blue contacts. I’m not surprised as her whole style has been different since she emerged on the arm of West. But her glare reminded me of another light-eyed beauty – Stains the cupcake dog!

Made famous on The Soup with Joel McHale, Stains appeared on Animal Planet’s “It’s Me Or The Dog” where dog trainer Victoria Stilwell holds a plate of cupcakes in front of him to test his willpower.


New Survivor Location Is – Samoa

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survivorsamoaNow that Season 18, Survivor: Tocantins, has wrapped fans of the show wondered what exotic locale would be chosen for the next series. Survivor 19, which is currently accepting applications, will be set on the island of Samoa. There’s no word yet on how teams will be split up this time or what, if any, twists will be involved.

This will be the fifth series set within the Polynesian Triangle. Previous seasons included the Marquesas, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, and Fiji.

I rolled my eyes when the announcer says (and video is shown) “…and a fierce warrior culture” though. Yeah, most people from around the world come from a warrior culture but the trailer is portraying this as if it’s still going on to this day. C’mon now. Oh, and I hope Jeff Probst works on his pronunciation of “Samoa” before the season actually airs. Haha.


Fan Gets Tattoo Of Brittanya

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brittanyatatBrittanya from Rock of Love Bus and, currently, Charm School 3 is my girl crush of the moment but someone took it to the next level and got a tattoo of her on them. First the Meagan tat and now this? I saw it posted on the message board for Charm School and if it wasn’t entitled “Brittanya Super Fan Tattoo” I wouldn’t have guessed it was her because it doesn’t look like Brittanya. The giveaways are how the eye makeup is done and the matching tattoo on the left arm.

I agree she’s HELLA hot, but a permanent tattoo of a reality show personality? SMH.


Real World/Road Rules Challenge Opening: Insulting Or Complimentary?

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rwrrI’ve never seen any of the previous Real World / Road Rules Challenges before, but I perked up when I saw Ruthie, from The Real World: Hawaii, shown throughout the trailer for the new season titled: The Duel 2: New Zealand.

So I watched it and, aside from the typical backstabbing, gossip blabber, and fights going on, I came away thinking more so about the opening credits. Unlike most reality-gameshows-set-in-exotic-locales where contestants are shown amongst flashes of jungle, fires, and monkeys the producers decided to get the cast involved with the native culture – by making them do the Maori haka!

I didn’t know how to feel about this one. Was it insulting to have these non-Poly, minus Ruthie, MTV-ers doing this ancient dance and chant? Or were the producers/writers trying to pay homage to the land / people where they’re filming the show?

I’ve seen the haka (mainly in reference to the All Blacks rugby team) taken from its traditional meaning and used in commercials for cars in Italy to bakeries in New Zealand and it makes me wonder – has the Haka become the new hula? Is it being exploited for its sheer exoticism? I doubt many viewers of the RW/RR Challenge will have an interest in the history of why Maori’s chant that way or stick their tongues out aggressively. I believe the majority of the MTV demographic (and hopefully I’m wrong) will view the dance as sheer savagery stereotypically attributed to Polynesians.

Alright, let me get off my soap box. All-in-all, they tried but their version of haka was whack! Most of them had a sheer look of confusion on their faces. Poor babies! Oh, well, we’ll see what else this season has in store. (The opening starts around the 5:30 mark).



Taylor Vaifanua Exits American Idol

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taylorvaifanuaOh, hell no! Miss Vaifanua was voted off of American Idol last night! She performed Alicia Keys’ hit “If I Ain’t Got You” which the judges thought was was “bland” and “boring”. I was hoping that she’d step-it-up a notch and bring some flava to her rendition. But, she has a beautiful voice and look and I think she has a future in the music industry.

Now that both Poly’s have been voted off American Idol there’s no reason for me to keep watching this “bland” and “boring” show.
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Kai Kalama Cut From American Idol

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kaikalamaTo invoke Florida Evans, played by the late great Esther Rolle on Good Times, “Damn. Dammmnn. Daaaammnnn!”

Poly Kai Kalama was cut from American Idol last night. Judges branded him too “safe” and I guess voters agreed. I think he’s an awesome crooner and has a beautiful voice, but the American Idol platform isn’t for him. They want someone they can mold into a pop tart zombie. I think Kai is too mature and laid back for the lifestyle he might lead if he were to win. I do agree with the judges and believe he has a bright future as a backup singer. That’s how Luther Vandross started out, right? I think we’ll be hearing good things about this Hawaiian in the future.

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Badass Of The Day

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I just watched The Chef Jeff Project and I’ll definitely be tuning in for more of his inspiration and courage towards the young people on his show. If you’re not familiar with the premise: Award-winning chef Jeff Henderson was once in the same shoes as the people whom he tries to help on his show; a man raised by a single mother in the inner city of San Diego. When he was a teen he started making and selling drugs for which he was convicted and served 10 years in jail. He found his passion for food and cooking when he was assigned to work in the penetentiary kitchen. After his release, through very hard work and determination, he rose from being a dishwasher that no one wanted to hire to an acclaimed chef in Las Vegas. He wrote a book about his life titled “Cooked: From the Streets to the Stove, from Cocaine to Foie Gras” and he’s also appeared on Oprah to tell of his journey.

The Food Network picked up on this and now he has his own new show where 6 young people from troubled backgrounds (single mother, ex-convicts, ex-drug addicts) are brought to work for Chef Henderson where they will learn what it’s like in the culinary environment. If they pass his rigorous course, they will receive a 2 year full scholarship to a culinary school.

Even though he’s been a little hard on them at times, he only does it because he wants them to succeed in the work world and that’s the type of behavior they might receive in the kitchen and I think the students genuinely appreciate it as his views are coming from the heart and they can really relate to him.

Below is a clip from the teams first assignment: catering lunch for the actors of the soap opera ‘General Hospital’.