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Flashback Friday! (Face Down Ass Up-2 Live Crew)

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"Glad I skipped work to come here today"

"Glad I skipped work to come here today"

This is 2 Live Crew appearing on the Phil Donahue show back in 1990 performing “Face Down Ass Up” (so, yeah, turn down your speakers if you’re at work).

I love some of the audience members reactions!

If you’re too young to remember the Phil Donahue show – Jerry Springer it was not. Donahue still had some controversial guests, but rarely was there an expected fight. Most of his audience consisted primarily of the older, conservative type so I’m sure they weren’t ready for the gyrations and booty poppin’ that was on display. This is hilarious!


Flashback Friday! (Treat ‘Em Right-Chubb Rock)

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I was about 10 when Chubb Rock’s “Treat ‘Em Right” was a hit at many house parties during the early 1990’s. By the way, did anyone watch the preview for the “From G’s to Gent’s” reunion? Host Fonzworth Bentley is trying to bring back the Gumby fade like the main dancer in the video below. Ugh! No!


Flashback Friday! (GLOW-Mt. Fiji)

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Emily Dole in 2007

Emily Dole in 2007

Does anyone remember GLOW? The Jackie Stallone promoted women only wrestling show from the 80’s? I pretty much forgot about it until a friend of mine posted a video of their intro where the ladies would rap! Yes rap was still fresh at the time and everybody thought they could do it (don’t believe me? Click HERE for Rodney Dangerfield and HERE for “Average Homeboy” Denny Blaze).

My favorite, of course, was Mt. Fiji played by the Samoan athlete Emily Dole. I just remember seeing big hair and her big smile when she kicked ass in the ring. Aside from her stint on GLOW, she appeared in Mama’s Family as part of the Masked Mables and Pauly Shore’s movie “Son In Law”.

Whatever happened to her? I found two recent articles from an Orange County newspaper. The first was from 2007 as she states what her goals are for her 50th birthday. The second article was from 2008, where she’s interviewed from a nursing home.

Below is a clip of the GLOW women making an appearance on gameshow Card Sharks where Emily famously hoists host Bob Eubanks over her head. This lady is awesome. (It starts aroun the 2:52 mark).



Monday Cuteness! (Little Girl Dances To Yung Joc)

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This little girl cracks me up with those faces.