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Mark Menjivar’s You Are What You Eat Photography Series

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Is that a snake?! (Photo courtesy of Mark Menjivar)

Is that a snake?! (Photo courtesy of Mark Menjivar)

Photographer Mark Menjivar allows us to take a glimpse into typical American refrigerators and, in turn, take a look into their own personal lives.

You Are What You Eat is a series of portraits made by examining the interiors of refrigerators in homes across the Untied States.

For three years I traveled around the country exploring the issue of hunger. The more time I spent speaking and listening to individual stories, the more I began to think about the foods we consume and the effects they have on us as individuals and communities. An intense curiosity and questions about stewardship led me to begin to make these unconventional portraits.”

The subjects come from all walks of life and a lot of the times that is reflected in their palates and the contents of their fridge. Some photos display bountiful meats and vegetables belonging to successful business owners while others show sparse interiors belonging to the struggling, or working poor, of society.

I think the photographer draws on something that people don’t think too much about, yet is very intimate. It almost feels voyeuristic like looking into someone’s bathroom cabinet (Ooh, that could be your next photo series Mr. Menjivar).



Horses Wearing Wigs

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image courtesy of Daily Mail

image courtesy of Acacio da Silva

Advertising photographer Julien Wolkenstein thought it would be awesome to shoot subjects just for fun. So, along with stylist Acacio da Silva, they shot some pretty cute photos of horses wearing wigs.

“Each horse took around four hours to groom, with hair extensions being added by Acacio, and then when they were presented in front of the camera’s and lights they would shake their heads, give a neigh and then ruffle up their hair,” said Julian – with a somewhat forced grin.

“To get them just right, with their hair all set and standing to attention was a bit of a battle. But the horses loved the grooming. The lights and camera, well, they were less taken with that.” (via Daily Mail)



Discarded Chewing Gum As Art

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European artist Ben Wilson has taken to the streets literally and turned those ugly gobs of gum people spit out everyday and turned them into works of art.

Wilson can spend up to 10 hours hunched over heating, lacquering, and then finally painting these tiny “canvasses”. Link for the full gallery! (via The Daily Telegraph)


The Oxford Project

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Hunter Tandy (l) 1984 and (r) 2005

Hunter Tandy (l) 1984 and (r) 2005

It started in 1984 when photographer Peter Feldstein went to the heartland of America and took photos of people who resided in the small town of Oxford, Iowa. Now, nearly 20 years later, a new book entitled “The Oxford Project” catches up with many of the photographed and allows them to tell their personal stories and how their lives have changed since.

Participant Brianne Leckness is pictured in the book, as are the other 100 residents in the same format, as an adult woman next to her child self next to her story of being abandoned by her mother at the age of 3. “She pinned a note to my shirt that said, ‘Please take care of her. We can’t any longer.’ “ Link! via CNN


Eerily Beautiful Underwater Sculptures

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These artificial reefs are the creation of British/Guyanese artist Jason de Caires Taylor.  He envisioned it to “engage with a vision of the possibilities of a sustainable future, portraying human intervention as positive and affirmative.” They are truly a beautiful way to help our ecosystem, but creepy at the same time. Now I want to travel to the West Indies so I can view them up close. Click HERE for the full gallery.


Amazing Photos of Hawaii’s Volcanoes

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Acclaimed photographer G. Brad Lewis is internationally recognized as one of the best in the business. He has shot for such magazines as National Geographic, Life, and Time, among a myriad of others. Lewis is well known, especially, for his photos of active volcanoes which he’s been capturing on the islands of Hawai`i for about 25 years. Click HERE and/or HERE for galleries of some of his spectacularly beautiful images. I can’t even fathom how he gets so close to that heat!


Rare Sight – Endangered Okapi Photographed In The Wild

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Captive Okapi

Captive Okapi

The rare okapi animal, with it’s zebra-like stripes and giraffe-like black tongue was captured on film for the first time by the Zooligical Society of London. The creature, who only lives in the Congo, was first discovered in 1908, but there have been no evidence of them after 1958. Sadly, due to armed conflict surrounding them and poaching, these beautiful creatures are now an endangered species. Link! for the slideshow.