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Flashback Friday! (3-5-7-Wild N’ Loose)

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oaktown357Tabitha “Terrible T” King and DJuana “Sweet L.D.” Johnican started out as backup dancers for MC Hammer back in the late 80’s early 90’s but they soon ventured out on their own to form Oaktown 3-5-7. Their biggest hit was “Juicy Gotcha Krazy”, but my favorite was “Wild & Loose”. I mean, what’s not to like about the video? There’s a little bit of everything: spandex, Hammer pants, tigers, bubble baths, beauty salons, bumpin’ n grindin’, Gumby fades, the list goes on. Maybe Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is a fan too? Did you see the silhouettes against neon colors throughout the video?

I remember watching this on Soul Beat (“TV Network number ooooonnnnnnneeeeeee!!!!”) and breaking a sweat trying to mimic their dance moves. These ladies were in shape!

Check out Big Man blowin’ at around the 3:20 mark.


Body Of Missing Baby Found

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Baby John Uaisele

Baby John Uaisele

Around Halloween, I saw on the local news a horrible story of a car accident which sent a truck into a murky canal in Oakland, CA. The driver, 25-year old Sione Petelo Uaisele, was killed instantly. His wife, Mary, and their 1-year old daughter Margaret were in the truck as well, but managed to escape. But sadly the couples 9-month old baby, John, was ejected from the car into the trash infested canal in deep East Oakland.

Police searched the polluted waters all day, but decided to call off the search claiming the water, and time of day, was too dark and there wasn’t enough visibility. That did not deter friends, family, and other volunteers from going into the polluted canal, without the aid of equipment that police may have had access to, where they were able to recover the small body of the baby. “I’m just glad they found him. I want to bury him with my husband,” a recovering Mary Uaisele told reporters.

My condolences go out to this young and beautiful Tongan family. May they find strength and stay strong.
Link to news story
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No More Mother’s Cookies!

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Noooooo!!!! Now how will I satisfy my nostalgic cookie cravings?! After 92 years, Mother’s Cookies has filed for bankruptcy and will officially close Monday. After uprooting it from its baking and distribution base in Oakland, CA to Ohio and Canada a couple of years ago the owners felt they weren’t making a profit and abruptly told their workers of the sad news. 59-year old Frank Makely, one of the company’s drivers, was angered at the decision. “I’m too old to get a driving job. Who would hire me?” Link!

I can still remember the fragrance of freshly baked cookies coming from their warehouse in East Oakland. Or an after school treat of Taffy’s, Chocolate Chip, or Circus Animals with milk. Damn! Damn! Damn! 😦


Flashback Friday! (Mercedes Boy-Pebbles)

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Even though she did TLC wrong, so they say, I still can’t hate on this song “Mercedes Boy”. Everybody in my town was bumpin’ this song back in 1988. I swear her and Beyonce could be twins. Interesting bit of trivia: Did you know the male dancer Rudy Houston, who has also appeared in Pebbles’ video “Girlfriend” and Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”, had a sex change in the late 80’s and now goes by the name of Lana?


Flashback Friday! (Here Comes The Hammer-MC Hammer)

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You can’t tell me no one wasn’t dancing to MC Hammer back in the 90’s! I had to post this particular video “Here Comes the Hammer” because it was a very fond childhood memory because he filmed this (along with the rest of his videos/psa set) in my old neighborhood (which was his old neighborhood too). I remember looking out the window and watching them make the street dancing scene and the one in the boxing gym. I also remember the film crew spraying graffiti, but leaving it as they wrapped up production. Ahhhh, nostaligia..