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Is A Blue House The Key To More Money?

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bluehouseAccording to a study conducted in the U.K. by Sandtex Paints, the color (or should I say colour) of a person’s house correlates to how much their household earns. Families who live in blue houses seem to be the most successful earning about £38,000 a year and holding management titles. On the other end, green houses were found to be the least successful with families earning approximately £13,100 annually and generally work in “unskilled” labor.

Ultimately, these findings only calculate financial wealth because when asked to rate their happiness, families in low earning households were just as happy as families who earned quite more then them.

Sandex spokesperson Victoria Jones affirmed, “It just goes to show that money isn’t the be all and end all, sometimes happiness is defined by the people around you and the friends you make along the way.” Link!

(Image courtesy of Flickr user annia316)


What’s The Value Of U.S. Money Currently In Circulation?

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uscurrencyGraphs from Visual Economics shows the value of U.S. dollars as well as coins currently in circulation, their total value, and their expected life span. It seems the U.S. produces more $100 bills for which they also have the longest life span of about 7.4 years. (via The Consumerist)



Gyms Reducing Fees In These Harsh Economic Times

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Image courtesy of Neil Gould

Image courtesy of Neil Gould

January is a month where gym memberships usually soar as people make it a goal to get healthy and get in shape. But with many out-of-work, gyms such as Bally’s, 24 Hour Fitness, Club One, and Gold’s Gym are not seeing the surge in new members as in the past. CLICK HERE for deals offered by some gyms and tips on negotiating for more perks like free passes for friends.


7 Tips For Extra Income

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With people around the globe losing their jobs at an alarming rate, one starts to brainstorm other ways to earn some money until they’re back on their feet. Even if you’re currently employed, who doesn’t enjoy a little extra money in their bank accounts? Try one (or two or three, etc) and it’ll definitely add up! Link! (via CNN)


Money For Nothing

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Ah, The American Dream – You can come from nothing, but if you work hard you will be rewarded monetarily.  Unfortunately, not everyone who works their ass off is compensated in kind and others have their bank accounts full of money that they, basically, didn’t really work for.  Damn them and those loop-holes! Link! (via Mental Floss)