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Festival Gets Creative With Flags Made Of Food

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The Sydney International Food Festival takes place next month and as part of their media campaign they have released an array of photographs showcasing international flags made of food that is indigneous to that particular part of the world. For example in the picture above fresh basil, al dente pasta, and ripe cherry tomatoes are used to look like the Italian flag.

It’s a very cute and creative way to represent the food festival and the World Chef Showcase that will be spotlighted in Sydney as well. (via Huffington Post)



Actor David Carradine Found Dead In Hotel Room

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davidcarradineDavid Carradine, the actor most famous for his role as biracial (Asian and White) Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine in the seventies series Kung Fu, was found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok Thailand Wednesday.

He was in the midst of filming while in Bangkok, but when he didn’t arrive for dinner with fellow castmates, people became concerned. Some reports have claimed that a maid later found him Thursday morning hung in a closet in what appeared to be a suicide. His agent, on the other hand, stated that Mr. Carradine passed away due to natural causes.


New Maps Show We Live In Fantasy Land

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Who hasn’t had the desire to travel to New Wild Boar City, the Great Land of the Tattooed, or The City of Boatmen?  Do these not ring a bell? Well, maybe you’re more familiar by their more common monikers of New York City, Great Britain, and Paris (respectively)?

In a new map, created by husband and wife Stephan Hormes and Silke  Peust, the “Atlas of True Names” seeks to find what explorers saw eons ago when originally naming certain places. To do this, they traced the etymological roots of names to catch a glimpse into how the place may have been centuries ago. In turn, we get names that make it seem as if we’re living on a planet where elves and faeries may inhabit.

“The result looks exactly like what one has come to expect from a map — except that it’s not always easy to know what one is looking at. That dot on the East Coast of the US looks like it should be New York, but it’s labelled “New Wild Boar Village.” (York, in England, derives from the Old English eofor for wild boar and the Latin vicus, for village.)” Link! (via Der Spiegel)


Fuck Twilight – I’m Ready For ‘Let The Right One In’

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Now this looks good.

It’s the story of a lonely 12-year old Swedish boy named Oskar who’s constantly bullied at school by older kids. He soon finds friendship in 12-year old Eli who moves in next door of their apartment complex. But, oddly, gruesome murders are happening left and right. Oskar comes to the conclusion that Eli may be the culprit – and a vampire!

The movie’s setting in Sweden, with its cold snow laden landscapes, only adds to the feeling of isolation that Oskar experiences from his peers and the contrast of warmth he receives from Eli. Thus, her secret doesn’t scare him.

I’m so juiced! It’s already received rave reviews. I have yet to see it since it opened in the U.S about a week ago, but I definitely will soon before its gone from theaters.


Samoa Vs Tonga For Rugby World Cup

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I’ve never watched a full game of the sport rugby, so I can’t say I’m a fan, but a friend who is let me know that they’re preparing for the World Cup currently and teams are playing in the semi-finals.

This Friday, Samoa and Tonga will be battling it out and one of them will be even closer to becoming champions. Below is a clip from a couple of years ago where they’d previously played each other. They’re intimidating each other with their versions of a Maori haka.


Italian Court Bans Parents From Naming Child “Friday”

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Image from Robinson Crusoe

Image from Robinson Crusoe

Judges in Italy intervened when news of a couple naming their child “Venerdi” or “Friday” in English got around. The couple got the name from a character in Robinson Crusoe, but the judges felt the name was associated with “subservience and inferiority” since the character in the book is a “native servant”.

Instead, the judges invaded the couples right to name their child as they wanted and re-named him “Gregorio” after the saint’s day on which he was born. Link! (via The BBC)


Police Make Arrest In Male Prostitution Ring

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Four men in China were arrested for running a website ( that offered sex for men by men. They contested in court that prostitution, which is illegal in China, only applied to females but the court quickly refuted their claim.

The men have been jailed for up to 5 years and a prostitute was found guilty of spreading a sexual disease after it came to light he had syphilis. Link! (via Reuters)