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Another Child Found To Cry Tears Of Blood

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georgebuchanantwinkleI posted earlier about U.S. teenager Calvino Inman and the mystery involving random tears of blood flowing from his eyes. Doctors and his mother are baffled. But, halfway across the world, a little girl in India is experiencing the same situation.

National Geographic filmed a young girl by the name of Twinkle, who bleeds from her eyes, head, palms, and other random spots, as she was tested by an American doctor to find the cause of so-called stigmata.

The news special doesn’t air until September 13th, but according to the National Geographic website Dr. George Buchanan has already made his conclusion after visiting Twinkle.

“The pattern and nature of her bleeding really fits with no known bleeding disorder.  Although I am always willing to give patients and their families the benefit of the doubt (and maybe indeed Twinkle’s has something totally unique, previously undiscovered and inconsistent with known medical science), I think that her bleeding is brought on in some way purposefully (motive unknown) by Twinkle and/or her mother.  To confirm with this, we need to observe a bleeding event right from the start.  The best way to do this would likely be prolonged direct observation 24 hours daily in a controlled medical setting.”


(Image courtesy of Barcroft Media)


Woman Forced to Marry After Husband’s Death

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After leaving the UK to attend her husband’s funeral, due to a car accident, in India the 29-year old claimed she was drugged, threatened, and forced to marry her father-in-laws nephew. The woman somehow escaped her in-laws’ watchful eyes and made it back to the UK telling High Court judge Mrs. Justice Parker of her ordeal. The woman, who’s identity has not been release for protective reason, requested that the new marriage be annulled and it was indeed granted.  Parker said, “The evidence and what the petitioner has said wholly convinces me that her account is true. She was tearful, distressed, sad and upset.” The victim currently lives at a secret location in London for fear of revenge by her in-laws. Link! (via Daily Mail)


Woman Beheads Man Out Of Self Defense

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A 35-year old year old woman beheaded a man, who allegedly attacked her, and walked through a nearby market displaying it. Police were alerted when they received calls of a “blood-soaked woman holding a severed head”. When the woman was questioned, she claimed the man was actually a stalker who attacked her from behind while she was gathering grass for her cows. Even though she will be charged with culpable homicide, she says she has no regrets about killing him. Link! (via CNN)


Indian Girl Kills Self Over “Big Bang” Experiment

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A sixteen year old girl named Chayya drank a fatal dose of pesticide after watching news reports about the end-of-the-world due to European scientists turning on the “Large Hadron Collider”; a huge underground machine that smashes particles together recreating, on a smaller scale, the “Big Bang”. Some think that the small black holes created in the earth will accumulate and suck up our planet.

Even though her father tried to reassure her, telling her the newscasts were just opinion and speculation, Chayya couldn’t shake the sense that doomsday was nearing. Especially in a country where religion and superstitious beliefs go hand in hand many citizens flocked to temples to pray. “I visited temple, prayed to god,” housewife Rukmini Moharana said. “I am observing the fast for safety because god can only save us.” Link!