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Maori Bones Make The Journey From Wales Back To Their New Zealand Home

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1880's Maori Woman

The bones of twelve Maori people, one reportedly a female, are finally traveling back to New Zealand after being held in boxes at the National Museum and Gallery of Wales at Cardiff since the 1920’s.

The return of the bones stems from New Zealand’s government mandated Karanga Aotearoa program which negotiates recovery of ancient bones on behalf of the Maori.

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa’s manager, Te Herekiekie Herewini, and co-ordinator Hema Temara held a short spiritual ceremony at the Cardiff museum so as to show respect for the remains. Herewini believes the return of ancient bones to their homeland is of utmost importance:

“This is significant for Maori as it is believed that through the ancestors’ return to their homeland, the dead and their living descendants will retrieve their dignity, and also close the hurt and misdeeds of the past.” LINK!

(Image courtesy of Flickr user fotofrancis)
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Wallpaper History From The 17th Century To The Present

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Wallpaper from 1867

The Whitworth Art Gallery in Machester currently has a collection of wallpaper designs from the 17th century until today. Nowadays wallpaper is seen as something tacky and old fashioned you might see in your grandparents kitchen. Tune into any home makeover show and a designer will gasp in sheer horror if wallpaper is seen glued to any surface. But did you know that wallpaper was once regulated for the wealthy and seen as a decadent status symbol?

In the past only the rich were able to afford something that took quite a bit of time and craftsmanship. Some wallpaper sheets even included gold leaf. (via Apartment Therapy)



Historian Eric Foner On Today’s Economy

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Der Spiegel did an interesting interview with historian Eric Foner recently and asked for his educated perspective on patterns or trends he has seen in today’s society that mirror eras of the past. Link!

SPIEGEL: How did this mixing of religion and politics come about?

Foner: The first one who really started doing this was Jimmy Carter. By now religion is no longer a private thing. At the beginning of the ’80s I was in England and I watched the Conservative Party convention. Margaret Thatcher was in power, Ronald Reagan was coming into power in the US. The difference was really interesting. The Republican convention here was suffused with these religious preachers while the British conservatives did not mention God at all. God was not a member of the Conservative Party the way he seemed to be a member of the Republican Party.