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The Grillwalker Is Big Business In Berlin

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The New York Times reports of a popular new service taking the streets of Berlin by storm – The Grillwalker; a portable cooking system that grills up sausages for consumers on-the-go. It’s a trendy invention that no doubt catches the eyes of potential customers especially since they’re found roaming commuter heavy sites like train stations. I personally couldn’t carry 44lbs of propane tank, metal grill, sausages, bread, and condiments.

(Image courtesy of Flickr user mac42)


Male Prisoners Allowed Cosmetics

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The Constitutional court in Germany has ruled that male prisoners will now have the right to spend their money on cosmetics and phone calls.

The case was brought about when an identified male prisoner felt he, along with other male inmates, were being discriminated against based on their gender and were not allowed to buy cosmetics such as aftershave and lotions or make phone calls like their female counterparts.

“Although the interest in cosmetics may be more widespread or frequently stronger among women than among men, it is not a biologically determined interest among women,” the court stated. Link! (via The BBC)


Car Lovers May Want To Look Away

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A new two-man show named “Auto Auto!” in Germany lets the audience hear the music that can be eminated from a car being vandalized. Performer/artist Christian von Richthofen and his partner take to the stage and obliterate, usually, an Opel Kadet E in about 90 minutes playing a variety of tunes along the way. The idea came as a way to get youth interested in music and so far it has been a success. But, to fans of the Opel the percussionists performances are down right blasphemous. They say the show makes a shortage of auto parts for their cars and one fan has even threatened to go to Von Richthofen’s house and destroy his car, but the artist isn’t fazed saying, “Let the motherfucker come, I’ve only got a bicycle!” Link! (via Der Spiegel)


Germany’s Complaining Choir

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Apparently Germany is full of complainers, but they love it! They like it so much that a new 140 person Berlin choir has become the newest media darling. What do they sing about that catches the Germans ear? Complaints of course! Whether it’s about politics or the economy, composer Wolfgang Kaets will never run out of ideas for new songs. Link!


“Papa” Knut Found Dead

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The man who reared, probably, the most famous polar bear Knut was found dead in his apartment Monday apparently from a heart attack. 44-year old Thomas “Papa Knut” Dörflein took care of the cub constantly at the Berlin Zoo, after it was abandoned by its mother, by playing and feeding it every two hours. This interaction was captured for news cameras around the world who couldn’t resist the cuteness on display.  I posted a video below from a news broadcast in Germany. (Sorry, I don’t speak German, but visually it’s self explanatory. The story starts at about 0:53). Link!


Sex Education In Germany

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Maybe the U.S. needs to take a hiint from the Germans and publish sex educationa books like THIS for children here as well? I think it would make the subject of sex less taboo and something that a child/teen might think twice about before doing it sooner than they’d thought; especially for girls. What do you think? How would you (or how have you) teach your child about sex?


Prison Hotel

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For about 45 euros, you can stay in a former prison that has been converted to a hotel in the town of Kaiserslautern in southwestern Germany. What was once the last place citizens wanted to go is now attracting patrons who will voluntarily and happily stay the night at the “Alcatraz Hotel” where guests in the 57 room metal bar clad space are given pinstriped pajamas, a prison bed, and breakfast. There are also collective showers on each floor.

Reuters has a gallery of what you can expect if you decide to go to jail HERE.