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Tuesday Eye Candy – Franka Potente

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courtesy of flickr user Emaleth72

courtesy of flickr user Emaleth72

Name: Franka Potente
DOB: July 22, 1974 in Münster Germany
Claim to fame: She’s best known for her break through role as the fiery haired protagonist “Lola” in Tom Tykwer’s 1999 hit “Lola rennt” aka “Run Lola Run”. She’s also had supporting roles, usually as the love interest, in American movies such as “Blow” and the “Bourne” franchise.
Background: She is from Germany and of Italian heritage. Her look is different from the typical show business plastic Bratz dolls that, I think, execs are wary to cast her. But she’s a beauty who’s really underrated in Hollywood.

courtesy of flickr user _cinderblock_

courtesy of flickr user _cinderblock_


Tuesday Eye Candy – David Strathairn

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Name: David Russell Strathairn
DOB: January 26, 1949 in San Francisco, CA
Claim to fame: Although he’s had a lengthy career as an actor on television, stage, and screen spanning nearly 29 years, he went mostly underrated until he starred in his Oscar nominated role of broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow in Good Night, and Good Luck.
Background: He is Native Hawaiian (who knew?! but I can see it now) and Scottish. (Is it wrong to think someone is hot even though they’re old enough to be your dad? *sigh*)


Tuesday Eye Candy

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Name: Blair Underwood
DOB: August 25, 1964 in Tacoma Washington
Claim to fame: Began his acting career in the soap opera One Life to Live and usually plays devilishly handsome, yet sinister, characters.
Background: He is African-American who has traced his roots from the Nigerian and Ibo people.
This man only gets better with age…


Tuesday Eye Candy – Michelle Rodriguez

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Name: Mayte Michelle Rodriguez
DOB: July 12, 1978 in Texas
Claim to fame: Being the bad-ass chica on and off the screen.
Background: She’s a beautiful mix of Dominican and Puerto Rican.


Tuesday Eye Candy – Tuki Brando

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Name: Tuki Brando
DOB: ? but supposedly 1990 in Tahiti
Claim to fame: He’s the son of Cheyenne Brando, daughter of actor Marlon Brando and actress Terita Teriipaia, and he’s now the new face of Versace. (Sadly, his father was killed by his uncle Christian and his mother committed suicide years later).
Background: He is of Irish, English, Dutch, German, French, and Tahitian heritage