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Neat! Grocery Bag Jewelry!

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For the crafty, here’s an awesome project from the Instructables website that turns plastic grocery bags into beautiful jewelry. Instead of throwing those hard-to-decompose bags away, make some earrings (above) or a necklace to close-the-recycling-loop! See, don’t you feel better by wearing something gorgeous and helping the environment in 2009? Link!


Scientists Prediction: No Ice In The Artic During Summertime

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polarbearWith global warming in effect, scientists are estimating that in about five years time, the artic won’t have any ice during the summertime which will have a huge climate impact on the rest of the world. Currently, the artic is seeing less and less ice than previously recorded which is basically killing the already endangered polar bear population who call the icy atmosphere home. Some are dying by drowning as there isn’t enough ice to climb onto for rest, others by hunger. Some have even turned to cannibalism to survive. Link!


Simple Steps To Go Green

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Being conscious of the environment is a great thing and recently the mainstream has picked up on it. All types of media are promoting “going green.” But what can the average person do when they can’t afford to remodel their house (if they even have a house) with solar panels or other eco-friendly ammenities? What is someone’s budget is tight and buying organic isn’t feasible? People Jam has compiled a list of simple things everyone can do to make a positive impact on the Earth like reading books online or unplugging appliances in the home. Link!