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Real World/Road Rules Challenge Opening: Insulting Or Complimentary?

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rwrrI’ve never seen any of the previous Real World / Road Rules Challenges before, but I perked up when I saw Ruthie, from The Real World: Hawaii, shown throughout the trailer for the new season titled: The Duel 2: New Zealand.

So I watched it and, aside from the typical backstabbing, gossip blabber, and fights going on, I came away thinking more so about the opening credits. Unlike most reality-gameshows-set-in-exotic-locales where contestants are shown amongst flashes of jungle, fires, and monkeys the producers decided to get the cast involved with the native culture – by making them do the Maori haka!

I didn’t know how to feel about this one. Was it insulting to have these non-Poly, minus Ruthie, MTV-ers doing this ancient dance and chant? Or were the producers/writers trying to pay homage to the land / people where they’re filming the show?

I’ve seen the haka (mainly in reference to the All Blacks rugby team) taken from its traditional meaning and used in commercials for cars in Italy to bakeries in New Zealand and it makes me wonder – has the Haka become the new hula? Is it being exploited for its sheer exoticism? I doubt many viewers of the RW/RR Challenge will have an interest in the history of why Maori’s chant that way or stick their tongues out aggressively. I believe the majority of the MTV demographic (and hopefully I’m wrong) will view the dance as sheer savagery stereotypically attributed to Polynesians.

Alright, let me get off my soap box. All-in-all, they tried but their version of haka was whack! Most of them had a sheer look of confusion on their faces. Poor babies! Oh, well, we’ll see what else this season has in store. (The opening starts around the 5:30 mark).



The First Albino Supermodel: Diandra Forrest

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image courtesy of kwesi abbensetts

image courtesy of kwesi abbensetts

I’ve posted previously HERE about the horrible crimes committed against African albinos, but a friend recently brought up a new model who’s making a striking impact in the fashion world.

Her name is Diandra Forrest and she is an African-American albino from the Bronx who was discovered by photographer Shameer Khan as she walked down the streets of Manhattan. She’s currently signed with a major agency and has been featured in various magazines.

I doubt her exposure in fashion will impact the atrocities going on in small villages in Africa, but who knows? Even in industrialized nations, albinos (I hope that is the correct term) are seen as mysterious, evil, or non-human in much of our media and/or entertainment outlets.

I think she’s absolutely fabulous and I hope to see her become a household name. Maybe she’ll be the catalyst to help the world see that people with albinism are just that: people.


High Five Escalator

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courtesy of Improv Everywhere

courtesy of Improv Everywhere

This just made me smile when I saw the new mission done by the awesome Improv Everywhere! Members stood next to a busy escalator during morning rush hour in a New York subway holding signs that said in ascending order: “ROB WANTS”…”TO GIVE YOU”…”A HIGH FIVE!”…”GET READY!”…then another sign said “ROB” with a downward arrow pointing towards the aforementioned Rob as he smiles with his hand awaiting.

I thought this was so cute. Everybody is going along in the rat race and something spontaneous and positive comes about and it makes the commuters day. I think we need more “pranks” like this in the world nowadays.



‘Perverted’ Europeans Ruin An African Tradition

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With a ritual centuries old, where virgin teenage girls dance nude to display their innocence to the king and pick his wives, the Zulu king himself has ordered the dancers to cover up their bottoms with sarongs. Not because of shame on their part as this tradition, and girls, are respected, but because of the many European tourists who zoom in on bare parts of the teenagers.

The event is a popular destination for toursts attracting about 25,000 people a year, but King Goodwill Zwelithini and many locals are fed up with travel goers gawking at the girls’ nakedness finding it disrespectful to their culture. The King stated the event was “not for looking at maidens’ bottoms.” Link! (via Daily Mail)


Andrew Zimmern Visits Samoa

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Andrew Zimmern, from one of my favorite shows “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel, will be making a stop in Samoa for tonights episode so I’ll definitely be watching. It’s a good thing he has an adverturous spirit because I would never eat 99.99% of what he has. Some people can’t stomach the food being shown, but I find Zimmern’s display of his voracious appetite in his host country to be more disturbing. Here you have folks from third world countries making him a feast that took them a while to make and prepare and he just dives into it all the while talking with his mouth full. UGH! Link!


Fellow ANTM Contestants Take A Sip Of Haterade On Isis

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isistsunamiJust watched Season 11 of ANTM and not surprisingly there are bitches in the house who are hating on Isis. But, a little surprisingly, the majority (aside from the fact they all want to win and beat each other down) of them seem open minded about Isis and her situation, namely round-the-way-Asian girl Sheena and wrestler/Darryl Hannah doppleganger McKey.

As soon as Isis’ secret was out, small-town jaws dropped and necks started to swivel, especially from Hannah (a girl from Alaska, but I can’t really blame her being that she’s never seen LOTS of things before like indoor plumbing), Clark (A good-‘ol-gal southerner who will be the resident bitch this season), and Sharaun (see, she drank too much of the Jim Jones laced Hater-Ade and you saw what happened to her by the end of the show). I say, let them hate. Isis knows how to walk, she knows how to work lighting and angles. Work, bitch!


What The World Eats

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On this planet, there are numerous people of various cultures, traditions, and beliefs but even with these differences we are all alike when it comes to the basics: shelter, sex, water, sleep, and food. Acclaimed photojournalist Peter Menzel and his wife, writer, Faith D’Aluisio have a wonderful book entitled “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats” which shows what people around the globe eat in a week. The book goes into more detail, like going to the markets and food descriptions, but Time Magazine has a sample of their work in parts I and II.