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Father Damien Made A Saint

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FatherDamiendeVeusterBelgian missionary Father Damien de Veuster, better known as simply Father Damien, was recently made a saint by Pope Benedict XVI. Damien is well known throughout the world for living among those living with Hansen’s disease on the island of Molokai where he ultimately contracted the disease himself.

Before him, the settlement on Kalaupapa was basically a dumping ground for human beings afflicted with this illess to forge for themselves without any sort of medical care. With his goodwill, tenacity, and reputed temper, Father Damien was able to build a sense of community to residents who’d felt abandoned otherwise.

President Obama, who grew up in Hawaii at one point in his life, stated that people everywhere should take an example from Father Damien in our attitudes towards diseases by “answering the urgent call to heal and care for the sick.” LINK!

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Recent Plague Death Caused By Dead Lion

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Biologist Eric York was only 37-years old when he passed away last October from the plague. How did this epidemic, that killed most of Europe in the Middle Ages, turn up again in Arizona in the 21st century?

Scientists believe York found a dead mountain lion at Grand Canyon National Park and wanted to study its cause of death as it didn’t appear to show signs of trauma besides that of a bloody nose. Because the park lacks a forensic lab, Eric took the lion carcass to his garage and performed a postmortem. That’s when, epidemic experts believe, a cloud of  bacteria must have been released when he cut into the animal, thus unbeknownst to him inhaling the deadly toxins. Three days later, he was found motionless on the couch by his roommate. Link! (via USA Today)


8 Dangerous Pets

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Before getting that cute exotic pet your child has been begging you for, consider the possible bacterium that may be easily transferred from them like salmonella, rabies, and even herpes. CLICK HERE for a list of 8 that you should be wary of if you have a young child.