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Feeling A Bit Under The Weather?

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Have you ever listened to sad music while in a foul mood yourself? A lot of do this for various reasons. Maybe we get a kick into listening to others who we perceive are going through the same strife as we are. Or maybe it’s the sadistic glee in hearing someone going through more pain than you? Whatever your reasons, check out the list and comment on what YOUR favorite sad songs to listen to are. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST OF SONGS

New Dads Get Postpartum Depression Too

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(image courtesy of The BBC)

(image courtesy of The BBC)

After the birth of his son, Austin, new dad Rob Sandler couldn’t stand to be around his newborn yet he couldn’t explain why. Something didn’t feel right,” he remembered. “I felt like a lot of loss of control of my life…a feeling of trappedness came over me and it would not lighten up. It kept getting worse and worse as the days went on.” Sandler was later diagnosed with a male version of postpartum depression. Unlike “daddy blues”, his symptoms were more severe and lasted longer. Scientists have speculated that it may derive from the mysterious “sympathy pains” some men experience when their partner is pregnant.  Link! (via CNN)


Feeling cold? Make some friends!

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A study conducted by The University of Toronto found that there was a distinct correlation between how someone perceived body temperature and if they felt excluded from a group or not. Test subjects were made to feel included or excluded then asked to gauge the temperature or choose from an array of hot and cold foods/drink. The group that was excluded estimated that the temperature was very cold and they also choose warmer foods like soup whereas the included group felt the temperature was hot and chose things like an apple. Dr Lesley Prince, a lecturer in psychology at Birmingham University, said: “This is very interesting, and shows there are physiological correlates to emotions.” Link!