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Maori Bones Make The Journey From Wales Back To Their New Zealand Home

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1880's Maori Woman

The bones of twelve Maori people, one reportedly a female, are finally traveling back to New Zealand after being held in boxes at the National Museum and Gallery of Wales at Cardiff since the 1920’s.

The return of the bones stems from New Zealand’s government mandated Karanga Aotearoa program which negotiates recovery of ancient bones on behalf of the Maori.

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa’s manager, Te Herekiekie Herewini, and co-ordinator Hema Temara held a short spiritual ceremony at the Cardiff museum so as to show respect for the remains. Herewini believes the return of ancient bones to their homeland is of utmost importance:

“This is significant for Maori as it is believed that through the ancestors’ return to their homeland, the dead and their living descendants will retrieve their dignity, and also close the hurt and misdeeds of the past.” LINK!

(Image courtesy of Flickr user fotofrancis)
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Hines Ward Helps Bi-Racial Youths Deal With Discrimination In South Korea

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HinesWardPittsburgh Steeler, and 2006 MVP, Hines Ward recently hosted a group of eight bi-racial Korean youths to discuss their stories of discrimination, taunts, and banishment they’ve received in South Korea. One teenager even re-told his attempt at suicide as an escape from the harsh treatment he’s received as an Amerasian. Sadly, according to statistics, children of mixed unions often end up in poverty and are prone to suicide due to how they are treated in Korean society.

Ward, who himself is Korean on his mother’s side and African-American on his father’s side, hopes to change the children’s perspectives as well as the people of Korea. To do this, he established the Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation; which fights to end racism against biracial Koreans.

“It’s a great culture. I love everything about it. But there’s a dark side to that culture. And me, I’m just trying to shed a light on that dark side and make Korea a better place than it already is.”

Wow. Sexy, athletic, and compassionate. He’s a triple threat! LINK

(Image courtesy of Michael Henninger)

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Japanese Rebellion Is New British Fashion Fad

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18-year-olds Eilish (l) and Declan (r) experiment with Manba

British teens Eilish (l) and Declan (r) experiment with Manba

Manba is a form of the Ganguro or Yamanba style that became popular with twenty-something Japanese women in the early 1990’s as a form of rebellion against the more traditional view of beauty in the east of a porcelain skin doll. The most shocking of this statement is the heavily tanned skin, white lips, and neon colored hair followers sport. For them it is a form of expression.

Now that message has been picked up by a growing number of British people fascinated with Japanese culture and how they express individuality. The BBC interviewed two British teenagers, Eilish and Declan, to find out what got them started with this trend.

“Declan and Eilish say they have been accused of racism for darkening their skin in this way, but they say this could not be further from the truth.

Eilish insists that she is ‘not mocking anybody’ and Declan asks, ‘what black person looks like this?’

Another member of the group says that she does not like her white skin and covers up if she is unable to get a spray tan.

‘I just think it looks good – nowadays it’s more popular to be tanned,’ Declan adds.”

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Family Drives From The UK To Australia

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image courtesy of Graham Naismith

In front of Ayers Rock in Australia. (Image courtesy of Graham Naismith)

Graham and Eirene Naismith decided to beat the plummeting real estate prices in their local Croydon and decided to move to Australia. But rather than taking a more conventional route to their destination, the couple decided to make it an adventure, along with their three young children, by packing up a Toyota Landcruiser and driving more than 30,000 miles to the land Down Under.

Along the way, they’ve seen sights in such exotic and breathtaking places such as The Swiss Alps in Switzerland, The Olympics in China, and the beaches of Thailand among others.

“We’ve all become closer as a family and I’ve enjoyed being in my wife’s company,” says Graham. “The children may have missed school, but they’ve learned so much on the trip and had an amazing experience which has really broadened their minds. The reason I did this was to spend time with the children, and that was the most important part of the trip.” (via Daily Mail)



Being A Sworn Virgin Is A Dying Tradition

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88-year old Qamile Stema has lived most of her life as a man.

88-year old Qamile Stema has lived most of her life as a man.

The BBC has an interesting article about women cross-dressing as men and living as men in Albania. They interviewed an 88-year old woman who was, for the most part, accepted as a male in her small village. For her, Qamile Stema, she took on the role of a male when her father passed away leaving behind her sisters and mother. In the older Albanian culture, a family was seen as lost, leaderless, and vulnerable if there wasn’t a male figure in the household.

But for other women it was a form of punishment when she refused to marry. If a suitor was rejected by a young lady, this was grounds for him to exact revenge on the girls’ father and/or brother. To prevent this, the girl would cut off all her hair, wear men’s clothing, and become a “sworn virgin” for the rest of her life. Link!


‘Perverted’ Europeans Ruin An African Tradition

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With a ritual centuries old, where virgin teenage girls dance nude to display their innocence to the king and pick his wives, the Zulu king himself has ordered the dancers to cover up their bottoms with sarongs. Not because of shame on their part as this tradition, and girls, are respected, but because of the many European tourists who zoom in on bare parts of the teenagers.

The event is a popular destination for toursts attracting about 25,000 people a year, but King Goodwill Zwelithini and many locals are fed up with travel goers gawking at the girls’ nakedness finding it disrespectful to their culture. The King stated the event was “not for looking at maidens’ bottoms.” Link! (via Daily Mail)