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Cop Beats Down 15 Year Old Girl

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A disturbing video of 8-year veteran police officer assaulting a 15-year old girl was recently released. It shows 31-year old Seattle Deputy Paul Schene, along with an unnamed rookie police officer, took a 15-year old girl to a holding cell for auto theft charges.  As with a lot of badass teens she allegedly was going-off-at-the-mouth and being insolent. She ended up kicking her shoe at Schene who, instead of just closing the door and leaving, rushed in and began to brutally assault the teenager. He rammed her head into a wall, threw her onto the ground where he handcuffed her and proceeded to punch her around the head area. He then brought the girl to her feet by pulling her hair!

Maybe he considered the shoe kicking assault towards an officer, but he didn’t have to attack her like that. Would he have been so brutal if the teenager were, say, White?

The incident happened last year in November but the video was currently released under Washington’s Open Records Act. Schene was charged with fourth degree assault for which he plead not guilty. He’s currently on paid administrative leave.

This is a situation of unnecessary force and gross misconduct by Schene. And this isn’t his first time Schene has been in trouble. He was under investigation upon his shooting a person in both 2002 and 2006. The 2006 shooting incident involved a mentally ill man whom Schene thought was intoxicated. That man later died due his injuries but in both cases Schene was cleared.

Paul Schene and his trainee need to be filed under the “Chicken Shits Of The Month” category. (via Bossip)


12 Year Old Fatally Shoots 2 Year Old Cousin

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With the families pocessions gathered in piles throughout their home in East Palo Alto California, in preparation for being sent back to Tonga, a 12-year old boy and his 2-year old cousin were in a bedroom playing around 11pm Thursday night. The 12-year old, who is now in child protective custody, reportedly wanted to “show off” and retrieved a small caliber rifle, which the family didn’t know was secretly left by a friend. Unbeknownst to the child the gun was loaded.

“The older boy didn’t realize the gun was loaded and shot it. The bullet struck the toddler in the chest. Crews raced the toddler to the hospital, where he pronounced dead.

According to (Detective) Sanchez, the gun belongs to a family friend, whom he would not identify. But he said police are looking for this East Palo Alto man for questioning.”

So sad.
Link to full Mercury News story


Six-Year-Old Albino Girl Dismembered For Medicine

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In many parts of Africa, albinos constantly fear for their lives. Even in their own homes they do not feel safe. Aside with having to deal with the scorching sun on their ultra-sensitive skins, albinos must also fear of being the victims of murder by people who believe that certain body parts of an albino can be used in ritualistic medicine to bring a person good fortune and wealth.

The latest victim was a 6-year old girl. She and her family had just returned to their home in Burundi when armed attackers broke into their home and tied up her parents before shooting the little girl in the head. The murderers escaped leaving behind only a torso.

Authorities believe this heinous crime has invaded their villages from neighboring Tanzania where killings like this are rampant. Link! (via The BBC)


Jason Momoa Attacked!

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Stargate Atlantis actor and Lisa Bonet’s baby daddy got into an argument with some 21-year old douchebag at a West Hollywood bar two weeks ago. It ended with said douche, Dominic Brando, hitting the 6’5″ Momoa in the face with a pint glass. Nooooo!! Not the face! Momoa needed 140 stitches and will undergo some reconstructive surgery. Hopefully they can put the gorgeousness back!

Brando was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and is now free on bail. He’ll be arraigned December 10.


Prostitutes View On Prostitution Debate

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Ladies-of-the-Night, Call Girls, Courtesans, and Gigilos are just some of the euphemisms used to describe a prostitute, but what are their own thoughts of “the oldest profession”? CNN has an insightful article into the opinions of two prostitutes on if it should be legalized or not. One young woman experienced the glamorized version being a high-paid call girl in Manhattan whereas another woman is scared everyday and struggles to provide for her young daughter. “I was always afraid, every single time,” she recalls. “I did this for 15 years and I never stopped being afraid. The job isn’t like in the movies.” Link!


Badass Of The Day

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I don’t know what her name is, but she’s such a badass. She was at a bar in New Zealand, in 2006, where she struck up a conversation with bastard Vipul Sharma. He later raped her in his car at a park. But managing to find some courage, she drove his sleeping ass to the police station where he was promptly arrested! Sharma was finally found guilty of abduction and two charges of rape. Link! (via Reuters)


Murder-Suicide Involved Huffington Post Writer

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Jessica Kalish

Jessica Kalish

Carol Anne Burger

Carol Anne Burger

Huffington Post writer Carol Anne Burger murdered her wife Jessica Kalish, who was dating another woman, by stabbing her with a screwdriver 222 times. Even after trying to scatter evidence, she was the number one suspect due to the personal nature and ferocity of the attack. But, before police could question her she shot herself in the backyard of the house she shared with Jessica. Now police and friends are left with only questions. A close friend of Burger’s, Helen Gale, is still in shock. “My gut tells me that it’s impossible and that something else is going on. This is just beyond belief.” Link!