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Earthquake Rocks Samoa

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An 8.0 earthquake hit Samoa this morning causing three tsunamis, one of which could possibly reach Hawaii. Other islands in the pacific, such as Tonga, Cook Islands, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea have been given tsunami warnings as well. Link via The Daily Beast

New Survivor Location Is – Samoa

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survivorsamoaNow that Season 18, Survivor: Tocantins, has wrapped fans of the show wondered what exotic locale would be chosen for the next series. Survivor 19, which is currently accepting applications, will be set on the island of Samoa. There’s no word yet on how teams will be split up this time or what, if any, twists will be involved.

This will be the fifth series set within the Polynesian Triangle. Previous seasons included the Marquesas, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, and Fiji.

I rolled my eyes when the announcer says (and video is shown) “…and a fierce warrior culture” though. Yeah, most people from around the world come from a warrior culture but the trailer is portraying this as if it’s still going on to this day. C’mon now. Oh, and I hope Jeff Probst works on his pronunciation of “Samoa” before the season actually airs. Haha.