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Celebrity Doppelgaengers – Nicole Scherzinger And Rhian Benson

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RhianBensonNicoleScherzingerDoesn’t the Welsh/Ghanaian singer Rhian Benson bear a resemblance to fellow songstress mixed-Hawaiian Nicole Scherzinger?

In some shots from Rhian’s video “Say How I Feel”, I swear they could be sisters.

(Nicole’s image courtesy of Flickr user Ain’t_No_Hollaback_Girl)


Celebrity Doppelgaengers – Amber Rose And Stains The Cupcake Dog

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AmberRoseStainsAmber Rose, the stripper turned Kanye West girlfriend turned Ford model, showed up at an event in Las Vegas sporting vampire like ice blue contacts. I’m not surprised as her whole style has been different since she emerged on the arm of West. But her glare reminded me of another light-eyed beauty – Stains the cupcake dog!

Made famous on The Soup with Joel McHale, Stains appeared on Animal Planet’s “It’s Me Or The Dog” where dog trainer Victoria Stilwell holds a plate of cupcakes in front of him to test his willpower.


Celebrity Doppelgaengers – Orly Taitz And The Chicken Lady

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orlytaitzchickenladyI’ve been seeing this Orly (yes, really) “Birther Movement Leader” Taitz lately on many news shows touting her claim President Obama isn’t a U.S. citizen and she reminded me so much of someone yet I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. That is until I recently saw her being interviewed by David Shuster and Tamron Hall on MSNBC.

Throughout her stammer filled viewpoints and fluctuating octaves it finally hit me – The Chicken Lady from Canadians The Kids in the Hall! I use to love that show. Mark McKinney as the masturbation loving Chicken Lady, who explodes feathers everywhere at her peak, is a classic. Can’t you see, and hear, the similarities as well?


Celebrity Doppelgaengers – Willem Dafoe And Reese Witherspoon

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willemdafoereesewitherspoonMy boyfriend doesn’t see it but as we were watching “The Last Temptation of Christ”, for the first time, I commented that the younger blonder Willem Dafoe looked like “Legally Blonde” actress Reese Witherspoon. Maybe it’s the face shape or slight underbite? Do you see a resemblence?


Celebrity Doppelgaengers – Rick James And Tim Curry

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rickjamestimcurryCall me crazy but I always thought Rick James and Tim Curry looked alike. Maybe it was the sleepy eyes? Or could it have been the flamboyancy?