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The Grillwalker Is Big Business In Berlin

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The New York Times reports of a popular new service taking the streets of Berlin by storm – The Grillwalker; a portable cooking system that grills up sausages for consumers on-the-go. It’s a trendy invention that no doubt catches the eyes of potential customers especially since they’re found roaming commuter heavy sites like train stations. I personally couldn’t carry 44lbs of propane tank, metal grill, sausages, bread, and condiments.

(Image courtesy of Flickr user mac42)


Germany’s Complaining Choir

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Apparently Germany is full of complainers, but they love it! They like it so much that a new 140 person Berlin choir has become the newest media darling. What do they sing about that catches the Germans ear? Complaints of course! Whether it’s about politics or the economy, composer Wolfgang Kaets will never run out of ideas for new songs. Link!


“Papa” Knut Found Dead

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The man who reared, probably, the most famous polar bear Knut was found dead in his apartment Monday apparently from a heart attack. 44-year old Thomas “Papa Knut” Dörflein took care of the cub constantly at the Berlin Zoo, after it was abandoned by its mother, by playing and feeding it every two hours. This interaction was captured for news cameras around the world who couldn’t resist the cuteness on display.  I posted a video below from a news broadcast in Germany. (Sorry, I don’t speak German, but visually it’s self explanatory. The story starts at about 0:53). Link!


Man Arrested For Selling Hallucinogenic Laced Chocolates

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weedlollipopIn Germany, a 23-year old chocolatier was arrested after police discovered he was selling chocolate and lollipops laced with marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms from his candy store. Berlin police issued a statement saying, “In the shop we found 120 pieces of magic mushroom chocolate and countless cannabis lollipops.” Police also confiscated about 70 bags containing various drugs, about 20 marijuana joints, a multitude of pills and some jars of drug-laced honey.

At the time of the bust, a customer was also arrested after trying to buy some mushrooms from an officer. He was also high at the time. That must’ve killed his buzz real quick! Link!