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Japanese Rebellion Is New British Fashion Fad

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18-year-olds Eilish (l) and Declan (r) experiment with Manba

British teens Eilish (l) and Declan (r) experiment with Manba

Manba is a form of the Ganguro or Yamanba style that became popular with twenty-something Japanese women in the early 1990’s as a form of rebellion against the more traditional view of beauty in the east of a porcelain skin doll. The most shocking of this statement is the heavily tanned skin, white lips, and neon colored hair followers sport. For them it is a form of expression.

Now that message has been picked up by a growing number of British people fascinated with Japanese culture and how they express individuality. The BBC interviewed two British teenagers, Eilish and Declan, to find out what got them started with this trend.

“Declan and Eilish say they have been accused of racism for darkening their skin in this way, but they say this could not be further from the truth.

Eilish insists that she is ‘not mocking anybody’ and Declan asks, ‘what black person looks like this?’

Another member of the group says that she does not like her white skin and covers up if she is unable to get a spray tan.

‘I just think it looks good – nowadays it’s more popular to be tanned,’ Declan adds.”

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Surfer Captured In Super Slo-Mo Barrel Wave

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dylanlongbottomThe BBC has had a long tradition of shooting beautiful nature documentaries set in seemingly alien worlds, but in reality surround us humans everyday.

Following in the footsteps of their award winning series The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, comes a new program entitled “South Pacific”.

Premiering May 10, 2009 on BBC2, this new series takes a look at the very unique creatures and landscapes that inhabit this most isolated of regions.

Below is a clip of surfer Dylan Longbottom inside a 12 foot wave off the Caroline Islands filmed in super-slo-mo. Apparantly the first time it’s been done.


Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

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abfabWord is that Fox is planning to make an Absolutely Fabulous American version set in LA. NO! Leave good enough alone. If folks want to see an awesome show about two drunken aging bitches then they should just watch the original. It was already tried in the 90’s when a short lived U.S. sitcom named High Society aired and that was crap.

Rumor has it that Edy (Jennifer Saunders) will be involved somehow, but she and Joanna Lumley (who played Patsy) will not be reprising their roles.

I grew up watching AbFab on Comedy Central and honestly I think I had the wrong role models. My 13-year old self wanted to be a drunken chick with her best friend who had this kick ass job in the fashion industry with relationship issues. Three outta four ain’t bad I guess. Link!

One of my favorite clips is when they travel to France and get a little wine tasting in…


Little Britain U.S.A. Preview!

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I absolutely love British humor, whether it was Are You Being Served? to Absolutely Fabulous and anyone else who’s a Brit-o-phile is familiar with the hilarious, and sometimes controversial, Little Britain. They’re a hit in the U.K. and now HBO is bringing the comedic duo of David Walliams and Matt Lucas to America. The same characters will remain, they’ll just put their spin on American culture. I can’t wait for it to premiere in a couple of weeks, but until then, here’s a clip from their upcoming show: