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Celebrity Doppelgaengers – Orly Taitz And The Chicken Lady

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orlytaitzchickenladyI’ve been seeing this Orly (yes, really) “Birther Movement Leader” Taitz lately on many news shows touting her claim President Obama isn’t a U.S. citizen and she reminded me so much of someone yet I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. That is until I recently saw her being interviewed by David Shuster and Tamron Hall on MSNBC.

Throughout her stammer filled viewpoints and fluctuating octaves it finally hit me – The Chicken Lady from Canadians The Kids in the Hall! I use to love that show. Mark McKinney as the masturbation loving Chicken Lady, who explodes feathers everywhere at her peak, is a classic. Can’t you see, and hear, the similarities as well?


The Obama’s Secret To A Happy Marriage

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image courtesy of theexaminer

image courtesy of theexaminer

As I watched The Soup, hosted by the hilarious Joel McHale, I nearly fell on the floor dying of laughter when I watched this clip below! Being “The Love Doctor”, I can’t believe Dr. Terri Orbuch didn’t realize the double meaning of what she said about Barack and Michelle. But I’m glad she didn’t because this was just too funny!


Our First Hawaiian President

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Yeah, this is pretty old, but I found it funny none-the-less. Stephen Colbert laments to fellow commentator John Stewart and to the audience on how The United States is long overdue for having a “Hawaiian” president.


Obama For Your Momma

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I still haven’t come down from my high of President Obama’s victory. I love the many wonderful photograph’s of people’s reactions from around the world. So much emotion is captured in one frame. Click HERE for some from the Huffington Post.

Below is a clip of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly “Happy Feelings”. Kinda fits the current mood, don’t cha think?


Roger Ebert On John McCain

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Point blank, film critic Roger Ebert does not like Senator McCain. He writes in an article from the Chicago Sun Times that he feels McCain was plain disrespectful towards Senator Barack Obama during the debate because he didn’t have the common decency to even look in Obama’s direction when he spoke even though both candidates were asked to do so by moderator Jim Lehrer. Who’s the actual elitist? Does McCain feel Obama’s running is an affront to  other good ‘ol boys? Link!