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LGBT Group To Compete On America’s Best Dance Crew 4

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I’m a little late on this one, but when I saw the audition for the LGBT group Vogue Evolution I had to stop and look at the fabooshness that was happening. And who did I see but one of my favorite ballroom divas Miss Leyomi Mizrahi?

Not only will they be the first openly gay dance troupe competing on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, Leyomi will be the first trans-person as well on the show.

From their MySpace page:
“Vogue Evolution has since moved beyond just a dance company to become an envoy that stands committed to effectively changing the lives of the LGBT community through the art of dance. Vogue Evolution works to empower Black and Latino gay youth around self-value, while educating the community on HIV/AIDS awareness, and encouraging the importance of getting tested now. Vogue Evolution takes responsibility for the cultural evolution in and out of the “ballroom scene” creating powerful results in the world.”

I will be glued to my set when season 4 starts next month. Hopefully, the voting public won’t be ignorant and keep them around if they indeed do a fabulous job.


Case Of The Wednesday’s!

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leyomimizrahiIt’s Wednesday and I’m feelin’ antsy! I wanna go outside on this beautiful day yet I’m stuck at my cubicle. 😦

I need something to pass the time and get me revved up for the end of the work day so why not watch Ballroom Diva Leyomi Mizrahi doin’ what she does best? 😀