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Wonderfully Weird Balloon Art

Posted in Arts & Crafts, WTF?! with tags , , , , , on September 22, 2009 by TheDiversePurse

JasonHackenwerth<At first glance, you may think you’ve come across a photograph still from a science fiction movie filled with creatures from planets light years away but take a closer look and you are indeed looking at balloons painstakingly put together in beautiful way.

New York based artist Jason Hackenwerth has chosen the medium of balloons to show what he feels conveys the “combination of spirituality and sexuality.” But why use something so fragile as this thin plastic and not a more permanent form like stone?

“I’m filling them. The air inside is slipping out. It’s a great metaphor for our own lives.” The works sag with gravity over time, shrinking as they age, “a perfect combination of sadness and joy.”

Link via The Daily Mail

(Image courtesy of Jason Hackenwerth)


New Art By David Lynch

Posted in Arts & Crafts, Movies, WTF?! with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 18, 2009 by TheDiversePurse

DavidLynchcollageDirector/author/producer will be showcasing new works of art if you’re in the Southern California area. It will include massive collages that are so non-linear, it’s obvious its a Lynch. (via The Daily Beast)




Comic Book Displays Nelson Mandela’s Life

Posted in Arts & Crafts, Entertainment with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on September 16, 2009 by TheDiversePurse

NelsonMandelaA graphic novel entitled Nelson Mandela: The Authorized Comic Book tells the story of the former South African President’s life. It shows in vivid color his beginnings being raised in a Thembu village to his recent years of helping youth through his Mandela Foundation.

With input from the Nobel Peace Prize winner, the comic also showcases childhood moments in Mandela’s life which have never been told before.

“Rendered in rich golds and browns, the comic book’s art — by a Johannesburg-based collective called Umlando Wezithombe — really lets us feel the gorgeous South African landscape and Mandela’s famous warmth. Against this backdrop, the narrative does fine work of making sense of decades of drawn-out political struggle and linking the African National Congress’ philosophies to its actions.” (via NPR)

(Image courtesy of W.W. Norton & Co.)



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Wallpaper History From The 17th Century To The Present

Posted in Arts & Crafts with tags , , , , , on September 8, 2009 by TheDiversePurse

Wallpaper from 1867

The Whitworth Art Gallery in Machester currently has a collection of wallpaper designs from the 17th century until today. Nowadays wallpaper is seen as something tacky and old fashioned you might see in your grandparents kitchen. Tune into any home makeover show and a designer will gasp in sheer horror if wallpaper is seen glued to any surface. But did you know that wallpaper was once regulated for the wealthy and seen as a decadent status symbol?

In the past only the rich were able to afford something that took quite a bit of time and craftsmanship. Some wallpaper sheets even included gold leaf. (via Apartment Therapy)



Make A Moving Rorschach Mask

Posted in Arts & Crafts, How-to, Movies, Videos with tags , , , , , , , , on August 31, 2009 by TheDiversePurse

RorschachMy favorite holiday of Halloween will be here sooner than you know it, so I’ve been perusing the interwebs in search of some cool costume ideas while there’s still time as I’m such a procrastinator.

I came across this video of someone who made a mask based on The Watchmen character Rorschach. YouTube user guinness0507 utilizes a thermochromic powder that he mixes with a transparent base to create a paint which can then be used on fabrics. When the wearer of the mask breathes and the temperature of the fabric reaches above 86 degrees F, it’ll show a cool “moving” effect similar to that of the Rorschach character.

This isn’t cheap as the powder alone is currently marketed at $45, but is it too expensive or a good investment knowing no one else will probably have it?


Duct Tape Roses

Posted in Arts & Crafts with tags , , , , on February 14, 2009 by TheDiversePurse

courtesy of Instructables

courtesy of Instructables

For the crafty, creative, and/or person on a budget INSTRUCTABLES has a last minute Valentines Day present to give to that special someone who will appreciate a bouquet of roses made from multicolored duct tape.



D.I.Y. Free Paper Toy Cut-Outs

Posted in Arts & Crafts with tags , , , , on August 27, 2008 by TheDiversePurse

More toys to add to my never-ending clutter of paper figurines. They’re so simple too! All you do is print out the figure you want, cut the different shapes and glue them together. Believe me, you’ll be hooked soon. Link! via Neatorama