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First Mural Depicting Daily Mayan Life Revealed

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Previous mural discoveries have usually shown the elite class, religious ceremonies, or battle depictions but archaeologist have discovered an ancient Mayan mural that highlights the daily happenings of common people. According to scientist, this is indeed a first.

The mural shows scenes involving everyday common tasks like going to the market and food preparation. Unlike other murals, showing the high class, this was on the exterior of a building for all to see. LINK!

(Image courtesy of National Geographic)


Archaeologists Uncover New Findings On Easter Island

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rapanuimoaiTwo British archaeologists, Dr. Colin Richars and Dr. Sue Hamilton, have discovered a site where the ancient Rapa Nui obtained the red scoria rock to create “hats” atop the famous statues (also known as “moai”) on the island.

“The team examined the way the hats, each weighing several tons and made of red scoria, a volcanic rock like pumice, were moved by Polynesians between 500 and 750 years ago.

They were placed on the heads of carved stone human figures known as moai which stand on ceremonial platforms which encircle the island’s coastline. The way the hats were raised and attached is unknown.” (via The Daily Mail)


(Image courtesy of Flickr user onefastp11)