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Monday Cuteness! (Puppy In A Frog Hat)

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puppyinfroghatAwwwww. Didn’t your Monday become a little better now?

(Image courtesy of 9gag)


Monday Cuteness! (Pankun And James)

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PankunAndJamesHere we see a chimp named Pankun (who’s a star in Japan along with his bulldog friend James) experiencing magic for the first time. I think I’m having cuteness overload. (via Buzzfeed)


Horses Wearing Wigs

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image courtesy of Daily Mail

image courtesy of Acacio da Silva

Advertising photographer Julien Wolkenstein thought it would be awesome to shoot subjects just for fun. So, along with stylist Acacio da Silva, they shot some pretty cute photos of horses wearing wigs.

“Each horse took around four hours to groom, with hair extensions being added by Acacio, and then when they were presented in front of the camera’s and lights they would shake their heads, give a neigh and then ruffle up their hair,” said Julian – with a somewhat forced grin.

“To get them just right, with their hair all set and standing to attention was a bit of a battle. But the horses loved the grooming. The lights and camera, well, they were less taken with that.” (via Daily Mail)



The Cat That Keeps On Giving

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Meet Frankie – the cat that keeps on giving; or rather stealing. The two-year old cat burglars owners Julie Bishop and Gary Witts said Frankie has been bringing various cat toys into their home since he was allowed outside. In the past year alone they’ve counted at least 35 items!

“Frankie looks very pleased with himself when he comes in with these presents,” said Julie.

They are currently posting fliers in their neighborhood trying to find the toys’ righful owners. Link! (via Daily Mail)


Dogs Actually Can See Colors

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For years many believed that dogs were colorblind, but a new study by Jay Neitz of UC Santa Barbara has revealed that dogs do actually see color. Though not as rich and/or intense as a human’s sight, their visionary range includes shades of blue, brown, and yellow. Link!


A Shark’s Immaculate Conception

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Scientists have confirmed the second case of a “virgin birth” in a shark Friday. The pup, through DNA testing, proved to have no male genetic material. Apparently, scientists have long known that these sorts of births are not a rare occurrence in the animal kingdom. There have been cases of female bony fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds bearing young without the aid of a male.

Shark scientist and lead author of the second  study Demian Chapman commented, “It is quite possible that this is something female sharks of many species can do on occasion.” Can this help with the declining population of sharks in the wild? “It is very unlikely that a small number of female survivors could build their numbers up quickly by undergoing virgin birth.” Link!


8 Dangerous Pets

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Before getting that cute exotic pet your child has been begging you for, consider the possible bacterium that may be easily transferred from them like salmonella, rabies, and even herpes. CLICK HERE for a list of 8 that you should be wary of if you have a young child.