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The First Albino Supermodel: Diandra Forrest

Posted in Diversity, Fashion, Videos with tags , , , , , , on April 8, 2009 by TheDiversePurse
image courtesy of kwesi abbensetts

image courtesy of kwesi abbensetts

I’ve posted previously HERE about the horrible crimes committed against African albinos, but a friend recently brought up a new model who’s making a striking impact in the fashion world.

Her name is Diandra Forrest and she is an African-American albino from the Bronx who was discovered by photographer Shameer Khan as she walked down the streets of Manhattan. She’s currently signed with a major agency and has been featured in various magazines.

I doubt her exposure in fashion will impact the atrocities going on in small villages in Africa, but who knows? Even in industrialized nations, albinos (I hope that is the correct term) are seen as mysterious, evil, or non-human in much of our media and/or entertainment outlets.

I think she’s absolutely fabulous and I hope to see her become a household name. Maybe she’ll be the catalyst to help the world see that people with albinism are just that: people.


Six-Year-Old Albino Girl Dismembered For Medicine

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In many parts of Africa, albinos constantly fear for their lives. Even in their own homes they do not feel safe. Aside with having to deal with the scorching sun on their ultra-sensitive skins, albinos must also fear of being the victims of murder by people who believe that certain body parts of an albino can be used in ritualistic medicine to bring a person good fortune and wealth.

The latest victim was a 6-year old girl. She and her family had just returned to their home in Burundi when armed attackers broke into their home and tied up her parents before shooting the little girl in the head. The murderers escaped leaving behind only a torso.

Authorities believe this heinous crime has invaded their villages from neighboring Tanzania where killings like this are rampant. Link! (via The BBC)