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Woman Becomes Pregnant While Already With Child

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GrovenburgultrasoundArkansas couple Todd and Julie Grovenburg were shocked when they visited the doctor for a routine ultrasound only to find out she was pregnant again. But these aren’t twins. In this rare case, doctors believe Julie conceived a second child, a son whom they’ll call Hudson, two and a half weeks after she was already pregnant with their daughter whom they’ll name Jilian.

Dr. Karen Boyle, who spoke with ABC News, stated the babies will possibly have seperate due dates.

“The interesting thing in this case is if these children were actually born on their due dates, the older child would be born at the end of 2009, and the younger child would be born in the beginning of 2010.” Link via Yahoo


Pro-Marijuana Show Hits The Airwaves With Positive Reception

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medicalmarijuanaThe NY Times has an article about a new local show in the L.A. area called Cannabis Planet where viewers can learn about history, cultivation, legal issues, and even cooking with marijuana.

Despite being taken off the air by one television station, the shows executive producer Brad Lane has received only positive attention and more revenue from advertisers since Cannabis Planet found a new home with another station.

“ ‘We’re trying to show the legitimacy of this plant,’ Lane stated.

“Marijuana use has been depicted in the media for decades, though its presence has waxed and waned over the decades, from Cheech & Chong’s comedy albums and films in the late 1970s and early ’80s through more recent pot-centric efforts like Dave Chappelle’s ‘Half-Baked’ and Seth Rogan’s ‘Pineapple Express.’ On television, though, it has rarely risen above the level of a plot device or punch line — until recently.”

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Another Child Found To Cry Tears Of Blood

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georgebuchanantwinkleI posted earlier about U.S. teenager Calvino Inman and the mystery involving random tears of blood flowing from his eyes. Doctors and his mother are baffled. But, halfway across the world, a little girl in India is experiencing the same situation.

National Geographic filmed a young girl by the name of Twinkle, who bleeds from her eyes, head, palms, and other random spots, as she was tested by an American doctor to find the cause of so-called stigmata.

The news special doesn’t air until September 13th, but according to the National Geographic website Dr. George Buchanan has already made his conclusion after visiting Twinkle.

“The pattern and nature of her bleeding really fits with no known bleeding disorder.  Although I am always willing to give patients and their families the benefit of the doubt (and maybe indeed Twinkle’s has something totally unique, previously undiscovered and inconsistent with known medical science), I think that her bleeding is brought on in some way purposefully (motive unknown) by Twinkle and/or her mother.  To confirm with this, we need to observe a bleeding event right from the start.  The best way to do this would likely be prolonged direct observation 24 hours daily in a controlled medical setting.”


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Medical Mystery! Teenager Spontaneously Cries Tears Of Blood

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CalvinoInmanFifteen year old Calvino Inman, of Tennessee, has the stresses of a typical teenager – maintaining good grades, a social life, awkwardness but he also has something much more serious occurring. Doctors are baffled to his condition because Inman cries real tears of blood. His mother, and the medical community are at a loss as to what could be causing this. He says it happens about three times a day; lasting from 15 minutes to an hour.

Calvino’s mother, Tammy Mynatt, told CNN’s reporter: “More than anything I just truly want somebody to say ‘I’ve seen this. I can help this family'”.


Gyms Reducing Fees In These Harsh Economic Times

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Image courtesy of Neil Gould

Image courtesy of Neil Gould

January is a month where gym memberships usually soar as people make it a goal to get healthy and get in shape. But with many out-of-work, gyms such as Bally’s, 24 Hour Fitness, Club One, and Gold’s Gym are not seeing the surge in new members as in the past. CLICK HERE for deals offered by some gyms and tips on negotiating for more perks like free passes for friends.


Five Small Steps To Losing Weight

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It’s a new year and at the top of many people’s resolution list is to lose weight. But the problem with that is, many make this goal yet lose momentum if immediate results aren’t seen.

Instead of trying to lose weight in one fell swoop it’s better to make small changes in your lifestyle. Once you incorporate some of the tips through the link below, they’ll become second nature as brushing your teeth and you’ll start to see noticeable changes in your appearance. With the addition of moderate exercise the results will be even better!

Remember to start off with little goals, say losing 2 lbs or giving up potato chips, and give yourself a time frame to make it happen. These small changes will have a huge impact overall. So good luck and stay positive! Link! (via CNN)


Eat Slower To Gain Less Weight

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A study out of London showed how fast people ate their food and what their waistlines were like. People who tend to eat quickly until full were three times more likely to be obese than volunteer participants were said they ate slowly until full.

Scientists claim that with the availability of cheap, fast food, and a more sedentary lifestyle a lot of people aren’t actually paying attention into what goes into their bodies. Environment is also a factor with most of the obese participants eating quickly while watching television. Researchers say the solution would be to eat slower in a calmer environment.

I’ve found that it’s worked for me because it takes a while for the brain to get the message that your stomach is actually full. So, take the time to enjoy your meal and relax! Link! (via Reuters)


PS You May Have An STD

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With an array of STDs out there that we must protect ourselves from, there is still a stigma of advising a lover, or former lover, to get tested as well if one contracts a disease. But website has made the news a little easier with their free service of e-cards that can be sent anonymously to those friends you think should get tested.

Since it started in 2004 in San Francisco, it has since spread to 10 other major cities throughout the United States and a European site is now in the works. With more than 50,000 cards sent to date, director of STD Prevention and Control Services in San Francisco Jeffrey D. Klausner believes this is a positive use of the web. “When you weigh the importance of getting people notified, that’s ultimately what needs to be done. By notifying them – even if it’s done anonymously, even distantly, even with an e-card – the benefits of getting someone diagnosed and treated outweigh the concerns of insensitivity.” Link! (via CNN)


Badass Of The Day

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Veteran bluegrass musician Eddie Adcock has performed for more than 50 years at countless venues and now he can add the operating room as one of them. Well known for playing the banjo in a distinct and rapid style he recently noticed tremors in his hand.

Hoping to save his career and passion for playing and performing, Adcock underwent a brain operation, under local anaesthetic, while he played the banjo as doctors requested at the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Tennessee.

The surgery was sucessful of ridding Adcock of his hand tremor. He has since been released from the hospital and is on his way to recovery. Link! (via Daily Mail)


Beauty Is Pain

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I wish I were rich. That way I can take vacations and patronize decadent spas to destinations with exotic names like writer Anna Pasternak has done. She writes about her week long experience as she spends them at the posh Palace Hotel; the hottest place to detox as some magazines claim. The spa follows the doctrine of Henri Chenot; a “French expert in Chinese medicine” who’s developed a health system called biontology.

She endures acupuncture via electrical pulses to the face body, massage via the “cupping” method, and a rigorous diet to purge oneself of the unhealthy toxins. By day three, her mental and physical well being start to deteriorate. I am so dizzy I think I’m going to faint, so they help me shower off while I gulp honey from a minute packet. Then the doctor comes and I sit crying, obsessed by how hungry and lonely I’m feeling.” In the end she said it was worth it. Good read. Link! (via Daily Mail)