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Flashback Friday Double Dose! (R.I.P. Michael Jackson)

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Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

In memory of the late-great legend that was Michael Jackson here are two clips only highlighting the surface that was his long, extensive, and inspirational career.

First is Michael, with the also legendary Diana Ross, lending his vocal as well as his acting talent in 1978’s The Wiz singing Ease On Down The Road. He played The Scarecrow with an innocence and sweet nature where, I think, the gave an audience a peek on the performer himself.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

The second video, below, shows Michael with his brothers The Jacksons in the special effects laden Can You Feel It from 1980. This was after the success of his Off the Wall album, but before 1982’s Thriller which would catapult him to superstardom.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Having died unexpectedly and at a young age, it was a shock to me as well as many throughout the world who was touched by his music and spectacular performances. These videos are just two of the many songs that I’ve loved throughout the years whether I heard it on viynl, cassette tapes, the radio, cd’s, or my mp3 player. He will be deeply missed, but his music will live on as they no doubt will keep inspiring older fans as well as the millions of new ones yet to hear his albums.

Playing around with little sister Janet

Playing around with little sister Janet



Spotted! Lola Iolani and Nakoa-Wolf!

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lolaiolaninakoawolfThe Young, Black, and Fabulous blog spotted Lilakoi Moon aka Lisa Bonet stepping out with her two youngest children, from partner Jason Momoa, in tow. Lilakoi carried her almost-two-year old Lola Iolani while a nanny(?) held Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha.

They’re both so cute! And I am so jealous of Lilakoi still looking youthful with her post-baby glow. Link!


Tuesday Eye Candy – Boris Kodjoe

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boriskodjoe01Name: Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe
DOB: March 8, 1973 in Vienna Austria
Claim to fame: I would say he gained a lot of attention when he appeared in Showtime’s series “Soul Food” based on the hit movie of the same name. He played Damon, the biracial (Black and White) trilingual (German, French, and Portuguese) blue-collar worker who falls in love with an older woman (played by his future wife Nicole Ari-Parker).

Background: Every since I saw him in TLC’s “Red Light Special” video way back in 1994 (before he started shaving his head), I wanted to know who that handsome man was. Turns out he and his Soul Food character Damon share a somewhat similar background.
Boris was born in Austria, but was raised in the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg (specifically Freiburg) to a German mother and a Ghanian father. He is also multilingual as he speaks fluent German, English, French, and Spanish. While attending the Virginia Commonwealth University, he aspired to be a professional tennis player but back ailments unfortunately took him out of the game. Luckily, for fans, this change of events led to his becoming a model and later into acting.


Flashback Friday! (Face Down Ass Up-2 Live Crew)

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"Glad I skipped work to come here today"

"Glad I skipped work to come here today"

This is 2 Live Crew appearing on the Phil Donahue show back in 1990 performing “Face Down Ass Up” (so, yeah, turn down your speakers if you’re at work).

I love some of the audience members reactions!

If you’re too young to remember the Phil Donahue show – Jerry Springer it was not. Donahue still had some controversial guests, but rarely was there an expected fight. Most of his audience consisted primarily of the older, conservative type so I’m sure they weren’t ready for the gyrations and booty poppin’ that was on display. This is hilarious!


The Clean Up Crew

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"It's all about the paper"

"It's all about the paper"

I’m about a year late, but I just caught wind of this comedic web series “The Clean Up Crew”. Its basically, like, if you were to combine The Office and CSI. Taking comedy and the mockumentary set-up and combining it with the latter’s crime scene blood and guts.

The show follows the daily occurrences of a crime scene clean up crew as they deal with the competing businesses, snotty detectives, and just with each other.

My favorite crew member is the strong, but silent type Ofato (played with great comedic timing by Samoan actor Tyler Tuione). Too bad his character doesn’t say anything, but Tuione uses it to his advantage by getting his point across through his facial expressions. I think he does a better acting job than his counterparts with speaking roles.



New Survivor Location Is – Samoa

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survivorsamoaNow that Season 18, Survivor: Tocantins, has wrapped fans of the show wondered what exotic locale would be chosen for the next series. Survivor 19, which is currently accepting applications, will be set on the island of Samoa. There’s no word yet on how teams will be split up this time or what, if any, twists will be involved.

This will be the fifth series set within the Polynesian Triangle. Previous seasons included the Marquesas, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, and Fiji.

I rolled my eyes when the announcer says (and video is shown) “…and a fierce warrior culture” though. Yeah, most people from around the world come from a warrior culture but the trailer is portraying this as if it’s still going on to this day. C’mon now. Oh, and I hope Jeff Probst works on his pronunciation of “Samoa” before the season actually airs. Haha.


Actor David Carradine Found Dead In Hotel Room

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davidcarradineDavid Carradine, the actor most famous for his role as biracial (Asian and White) Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine in the seventies series Kung Fu, was found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok Thailand Wednesday.

He was in the midst of filming while in Bangkok, but when he didn’t arrive for dinner with fellow castmates, people became concerned. Some reports have claimed that a maid later found him Thursday morning hung in a closet in what appeared to be a suicide. His agent, on the other hand, stated that Mr. Carradine passed away due to natural causes.