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Family Drives From The UK To Australia

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image courtesy of Graham Naismith

In front of Ayers Rock in Australia. (Image courtesy of Graham Naismith)

Graham and Eirene Naismith decided to beat the plummeting real estate prices in their local Croydon and decided to move to Australia. But rather than taking a more conventional route to their destination, the couple decided to make it an adventure, along with their three young children, by packing up a Toyota Landcruiser and driving more than 30,000 miles to the land Down Under.

Along the way, they’ve seen sights in such exotic and breathtaking places such as The Swiss Alps in Switzerland, The Olympics in China, and the beaches of Thailand among others.

“We’ve all become closer as a family and I’ve enjoyed being in my wife’s company,” says Graham. “The children may have missed school, but they’ve learned so much on the trip and had an amazing experience which has really broadened their minds. The reason I did this was to spend time with the children, and that was the most important part of the trip.” (via Daily Mail)



Monday Cuteness! (Lil Asa)

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Watch as Lil Asa helps tackle the “$400 Toddler Toy” (as his dad Big Asa likes to call it) a.k.a. The iPhone.


Flashback Friday! (GLOW-Mt. Fiji)

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Emily Dole in 2007

Emily Dole in 2007

Does anyone remember GLOW? The Jackie Stallone promoted women only wrestling show from the 80’s? I pretty much forgot about it until a friend of mine posted a video of their intro where the ladies would rap! Yes rap was still fresh at the time and everybody thought they could do it (don’t believe me? Click HERE for Rodney Dangerfield and HERE for “Average Homeboy” Denny Blaze).

My favorite, of course, was Mt. Fiji played by the Samoan athlete Emily Dole. I just remember seeing big hair and her big smile when she kicked ass in the ring. Aside from her stint on GLOW, she appeared in Mama’s Family as part of the Masked Mables and Pauly Shore’s movie “Son In Law”.

Whatever happened to her? I found two recent articles from an Orange County newspaper. The first was from 2007 as she states what her goals are for her 50th birthday. The second article was from 2008, where she’s interviewed from a nursing home.

Below is a clip of the GLOW women making an appearance on gameshow Card Sharks where Emily famously hoists host Bob Eubanks over her head. This lady is awesome. (It starts aroun the 2:52 mark).



Taylor Vaifanua Exits American Idol

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taylorvaifanuaOh, hell no! Miss Vaifanua was voted off of American Idol last night! She performed Alicia Keys’ hit “If I Ain’t Got You” which the judges thought was was “bland” and “boring”. I was hoping that she’d step-it-up a notch and bring some flava to her rendition. But, she has a beautiful voice and look and I think she has a future in the music industry.

Now that both Poly’s have been voted off American Idol there’s no reason for me to keep watching this “bland” and “boring” show.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


Amy Sedaris Walk Through For Feminine Hygiene

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ilikeyouHere’s funny lady Amy Sedaris (Strangers with Candy) on Chelsea Lately recently promoting her new book “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence”. She teaches us about vaginal cleansing with a felt-like prop which is absolutely hilarious.

Both women crack me up, but I’m not sure about THIS SHIT HERE. Should we let this bitch slide because she has a screw loose? Why, Amy, why?Vodpod videos no longer available.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Reunite On Family Guy

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tng_castThe whole cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation will all be lending their voices to a new episode of The Family Guy set to air in late March as they attend a Trek convention in the town of Quahog.

The episode entitled “Not All Dogs Go To Heaven” involves Stewie kidnapping the cast members (pictured from l to r: Wil Wheaton, Denise Crosby, LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, and Brent Spiner) because he doesn’t get all of his questions answered at the sci-fi convention. (via io9)


Cop Beats Down 15 Year Old Girl

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A disturbing video of 8-year veteran police officer assaulting a 15-year old girl was recently released. It shows 31-year old Seattle Deputy Paul Schene, along with an unnamed rookie police officer, took a 15-year old girl to a holding cell for auto theft charges.  As with a lot of badass teens she allegedly was going-off-at-the-mouth and being insolent. She ended up kicking her shoe at Schene who, instead of just closing the door and leaving, rushed in and began to brutally assault the teenager. He rammed her head into a wall, threw her onto the ground where he handcuffed her and proceeded to punch her around the head area. He then brought the girl to her feet by pulling her hair!

Maybe he considered the shoe kicking assault towards an officer, but he didn’t have to attack her like that. Would he have been so brutal if the teenager were, say, White?

The incident happened last year in November but the video was currently released under Washington’s Open Records Act. Schene was charged with fourth degree assault for which he plead not guilty. He’s currently on paid administrative leave.

This is a situation of unnecessary force and gross misconduct by Schene. And this isn’t his first time Schene has been in trouble. He was under investigation upon his shooting a person in both 2002 and 2006. The 2006 shooting incident involved a mentally ill man whom Schene thought was intoxicated. That man later died due his injuries but in both cases Schene was cleared.

Paul Schene and his trainee need to be filed under the “Chicken Shits Of The Month” category. (via Bossip)