Polynesians On American Idol


During season 3, Jonah Moananu made it to the top 32 and now we have not 1 but 2 Polys competing to be the next American Idol! I actually haven’t watched American Idol in years but I happened to catch a re-run of the SF auditions when the show interviewed Kai Kalama. Hmmm, that sounded Hawaiian to me. After some Googling, I found he and his brother, Ryan along with Kent Graves, are in a band called Off White.

From their MySpace page: “The Kalama Brothers grew up in a desert climate, which drove them inside to discover MTV. And by discover they mean devour. Being from Hawaiian descent, the Kalama’s never forgot their embedded need to melt hearts; but also had a great hunger to melt minds as well. The Kalama family is not only big in size, but big on each other. Mom taught them to sing via the church choir and Dad taught from the stage.” I’ll be watching upcoming episodes to see if the Kanaka Maoli makes it.

Later when I checked the American Idol website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that another Poly besides Kalama had made it to the Hollywood auditions. Taylor Vaifanua, who is Samoan, won her ticket when she sang “Joyful Joyful” in Salt Lake City. She’s only 16, but is one of the favorites so far. I wish both of them luck! Watch below for their auditions (sorry about the crappy quality).


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