Are Girls Being Brainwashed To Like The Color Pink?

Some parents are saying yes. When it comes to buying toys and clothing for little girls some parents are sick of being bombarded with the color pink. They feel marketers, in the past and with full force more recently, are making products offered to young people sexist. They believe products are reinforcing/ingraining gender stereotypes and roles within society.

Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood says, “It’s just so insidious and it shows how commercial forces can get under their skin even by that age (by age 3)”. Link! (via Daily Telegraph)


3 Responses to “Are Girls Being Brainwashed To Like The Color Pink?”

  1. striggity Says:

    Colors are definitely gender marketed. I own a pink dress shirt I wear to work and every once in a while I get the “is that a pink shirt”

  2. Yeah, it’s so weird how something as benign as colors can label someone. I loathed pink as a child so I was marked a “tomboy”.

  3. I read somewhere that it used to be the opposite: pink for boys, blue for girls.

    But yeah, the Barbie section in a toy store has enough pink to make anyone barf.

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