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Discarded Chewing Gum As Art

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European artist Ben Wilson has taken to the streets literally and turned those ugly gobs of gum people spit out everyday and turned them into works of art.

Wilson can spend up to 10 hours hunched over heating, lacquering, and then finally painting these tiny “canvasses”. Link for the full gallery! (via The Daily Telegraph)


The Cat That Keeps On Giving

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Meet Frankie – the cat that keeps on giving; or rather stealing. The two-year old cat burglars owners Julie Bishop and Gary Witts said Frankie has been bringing various cat toys into their home since he was allowed outside. In the past year alone they’ve counted at least 35 items!

“Frankie looks very pleased with himself when he comes in with these presents,” said Julie.

They are currently posting fliers in their neighborhood trying to find the toys’ righful owners. Link! (via Daily Mail)


Grace Jones Releases New Album

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At 60, singer/actress/fashion icon, Grace Jones has just released a new album. It’s her first in nearly 20 years! The BBC catches up with the still gorgeous Jones and uncovers her motivation for “Hurricane” which made its debut yesterday.

Growing up, she initially scared me because she didn’t look like anyone else at the time and there was no way to put her into a pretty little box; she was androgynous and her look was powerfully different.

But, she’ll always be the fabulous “Strangè” from Boomerang to me. Link! (via The BBC)


New Maps Show We Live In Fantasy Land

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Who hasn’t had the desire to travel to New Wild Boar City, the Great Land of the Tattooed, or The City of Boatmen?  Do these not ring a bell? Well, maybe you’re more familiar by their more common monikers of New York City, Great Britain, and Paris (respectively)?

In a new map, created by husband and wife Stephan Hormes and Silke  Peust, the “Atlas of True Names” seeks to find what explorers saw eons ago when originally naming certain places. To do this, they traced the etymological roots of names to catch a glimpse into how the place may have been centuries ago. In turn, we get names that make it seem as if we’re living on a planet where elves and faeries may inhabit.

“The result looks exactly like what one has come to expect from a map — except that it’s not always easy to know what one is looking at. That dot on the East Coast of the US looks like it should be New York, but it’s labelled “New Wild Boar Village.” (York, in England, derives from the Old English eofor for wild boar and the Latin vicus, for village.)” Link! (via Der Spiegel)


Six-Year-Old Albino Girl Dismembered For Medicine

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In many parts of Africa, albinos constantly fear for their lives. Even in their own homes they do not feel safe. Aside with having to deal with the scorching sun on their ultra-sensitive skins, albinos must also fear of being the victims of murder by people who believe that certain body parts of an albino can be used in ritualistic medicine to bring a person good fortune and wealth.

The latest victim was a 6-year old girl. She and her family had just returned to their home in Burundi when armed attackers broke into their home and tied up her parents before shooting the little girl in the head. The murderers escaped leaving behind only a torso.

Authorities believe this heinous crime has invaded their villages from neighboring Tanzania where killings like this are rampant. Link! (via The BBC)


Keanu Reeves Loves His Wine And Indian Food

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Keanu Reeves was spotted in London enjoying the spoils of celebrity by treating friends to an evening of Indian food and expensive wines which came out to a £1200 bill. Must be nice.

If I was Keanu, I’d first and foremost buy a razor, some body wash, shampoo + conditioner, clean clothes and undies. I mean, we see how he cleans up (figuratively and literally) for most of his movie roles but off-set he seems like he gets up everyday and says, “I’m rich. Fuck it!”.

*Sigh* Even though he’s a self-proclaimed “bourgeois, middle-class white boy”, we Polys still have love for him, but he makes it so hard sometimes. Well, not really. *Swoon* Link! (via Daily Mail)


Male Prisoners Allowed Cosmetics

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The Constitutional court in Germany has ruled that male prisoners will now have the right to spend their money on cosmetics and phone calls.

The case was brought about when an identified male prisoner felt he, along with other male inmates, were being discriminated against based on their gender and were not allowed to buy cosmetics such as aftershave and lotions or make phone calls like their female counterparts.

“Although the interest in cosmetics may be more widespread or frequently stronger among women than among men, it is not a biologically determined interest among women,” the court stated. Link! (via The BBC)


Surviving Hansen’s Disease Patients A Rarity On Kalaupapa

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With Hansen’s Disease, formerly known as leprosy, under control in this day and age, 24 surviving patients on the island of Kalaupapa on Moloka’i still remember what it was like to endure the stigma and pain of the disease and how they wonder who will tell their story once they are gone.

“In one room, Makia Malo, a gifted storyteller of 74, sits in a wheelchair, sunglasses covering his compromised eyes. He so vividly recalls the morning he was sent as a boy to Kalaupapa that you share the child’s excitement about boarding an airplane for the first time, even though you know the dreaded reason for the trip. In another room, Henry Nalaielua, 84, who wrote a memoir of his rich life in Kalaupapa, talks about the black-and-white photograph in his book, of a boy of 10, posed with hands across his chest to help document the state of his just-diagnosed disease. The boy glowers back at you from the harrowing past.

‘I was scared and defiant,’ that boy as man says. ‘Or maybe I just didn’t care to smile.'”

Currently, patients run an organization Ka’Ohana O Kalaupapa which fights to preserve the settlement and advocates for patients.

I hope to one day visit Kalaupapa to honor my great-grandmother who suffered from this disease as well and that the island will be kept as-is to respect my ancestors and not be turned into another place for hotel chains to make into another touristy playground. Link! (via Der Spiegel)