Body Of Missing Baby Found

Baby John Uaisele

Baby John Uaisele

Around Halloween, I saw on the local news a horrible story of a car accident which sent a truck into a murky canal in Oakland, CA. The driver, 25-year old Sione Petelo Uaisele, was killed instantly. His wife, Mary, and their 1-year old daughter Margaret were in the truck as well, but managed to escape. But sadly the couples 9-month old baby, John, was ejected from the car into the trash infested canal in deep East Oakland.

Police searched the polluted waters all day, but decided to call off the search claiming the water, and time of day, was too dark and there wasn’t enough visibility. That did not deter friends, family, and other volunteers from going into the polluted canal, without the aid of equipment that police may have had access to, where they were able to recover the small body of the baby. “I’m just glad they found him. I want to bury him with my husband,” a recovering Mary Uaisele told reporters.

My condolences go out to this young and beautiful Tongan family. May they find strength and stay strong.
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  1. sorry 4 everythang luv u very much pe may the lord please bless u nd ur family R.I.P. PETELO UAISELE AND JOHN UAISELE. LOVE YOU GUYS MAY WE ALL MEET EACHOTHER IN HEVEN AND LUV 1ANOTHER

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