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The End Of The Caped Crusader?

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Batman's First Issue - 1940

Rumors are going around the internet about the possible death of Batman. It all started when lead writer for the DC Comic, Grant Morrison, made a statement to a trade magazine recently sparking panic among fans everywhere. “What I am doing is a fate worse than death, things that no one would expect to happen to these guys at all.” He didn’t give any clues to how Batman will die or if he means his death as something of a metaphor, but supposedly it is certain the Batman character will live on in the form of another person.

Morrison will release his story “Batman R.I.P.” tomorrow which some are predicting could be bigger than when Superman was killed off back in the 90’s. Link! (via Daily Mail)


The Immersion Project

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The debate on whether children re-enact violence when exposed to violent video games rages on and 39-year old Robbie Cooper has made this the basis of his art project entitled “Immersion”. He records the facial expressions of children ages 9-12 as they play games such as Call of Duty, Halo 3, Tekken, GTA 4, and Star Wars Battlefront in order, for us the viewer, to see how one can become so involved and immersed in a virtual world.

“You look them in the eye and they’re really transported. That’s what I like about having them looking directly into the camera. We’re not used to seeing that look directed at us – as if someone’s looking right through you,” Cooper commented. Link! (via Daily Telegraph)


Indigenous Transvestites Celebrated in Mexico

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In the small town of Juchitan men who dress as women, called “muxes” pronounced “moo-shes”, don their finest dresses and hair accessories to celebrate the harvest in southern Mexico. The fiesta has been held annually for the last 33 years, but gender-bending has its roots in this culture for centuries.

“‘Native people in the Americas with ambiguous gender were often regarded as wise and talented, said Rosemary Joyce, a professor of anthropology at the University of California at Berkeley.

‘They were seen as have having a kind of spiritual power that comes from being more like the ancestors who are mothers and fathers at once, and more like the divinities who may be dual gendered,’ Joyce said.” Link! (via Reuters)


Jason Momoa Attacked!

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Stargate Atlantis actor and Lisa Bonet’s baby daddy got into an argument with some 21-year old douchebag at a West Hollywood bar two weeks ago. It ended with said douche, Dominic Brando, hitting the 6’5″ Momoa in the face with a pint glass. Nooooo!! Not the face! Momoa needed 140 stitches and will undergo some reconstructive surgery. Hopefully they can put the gorgeousness back!

Brando was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and is now free on bail. He’ll be arraigned December 10.


Fuck Twilight – I’m Ready For ‘Let The Right One In’

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Now this looks good.

It’s the story of a lonely 12-year old Swedish boy named Oskar who’s constantly bullied at school by older kids. He soon finds friendship in 12-year old Eli who moves in next door of their apartment complex. But, oddly, gruesome murders are happening left and right. Oskar comes to the conclusion that Eli may be the culprit – and a vampire!

The movie’s setting in Sweden, with its cold snow laden landscapes, only adds to the feeling of isolation that Oskar experiences from his peers and the contrast of warmth he receives from Eli. Thus, her secret doesn’t scare him.

I’m so juiced! It’s already received rave reviews. I have yet to see it since it opened in the U.S about a week ago, but I definitely will soon before its gone from theaters.


Badass Of The Day

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Meet 9-year old Arwa; a Yemeni girl who was recently granted a divorce from her middle aged husband. Arwa’s father, Abdul Ali, basically sold his child to a total stranger for the collateral amount of $150.

The sort of “defiance” displayed by  Arwa was practically unheard of in recent years but gaining courage from Nujood, another young girl who made history when a divorce from her much older husband was granted, Arwa left her small village of Jibla (where tribal customs still rule) and went to the courts asking for her freedom on the basis that she was married against her will.

Hopefully, now, little Arwa can enjoy her childhood before she becomes 15 which is the “legal-on-paper” age to marry. Link! (via The BBC)


7 Tips For Extra Income

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With people around the globe losing their jobs at an alarming rate, one starts to brainstorm other ways to earn some money until they’re back on their feet. Even if you’re currently employed, who doesn’t enjoy a little extra money in their bank accounts? Try one (or two or three, etc) and it’ll definitely add up! Link! (via CNN)