Car Lovers May Want To Look Away

A new two-man show named “Auto Auto!” in Germany lets the audience hear the music that can be eminated from a car being vandalized. Performer/artist Christian von Richthofen and his partner take to the stage and obliterate, usually, an Opel Kadet E in about 90 minutes playing a variety of tunes along the way. The idea came as a way to get youth interested in music and so far it has been a success. But, to fans of the Opel the percussionists performances are down right blasphemous. They say the show makes a shortage of auto parts for their cars and one fan has even threatened to go to Von Richthofen’s house and destroy his car, but the artist isn’t fazed saying, “Let the motherfucker come, I’ve only got a bicycle!” Link! (via Der Spiegel)


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