Badass Of The Day

Illinois Sheriff Thomas J. Dart has stood up to mortgage companies and refused to evict innocent renters who’s landlords didn’t do their part in making their monthly payments resulting in the foreclosure of the apartment complex. Even though the sheriff could face charges of contempt for ignoring eviction orders, it hasn’t deterred his personal convictions in the least. In an interview Thursday on CNN’s American Morning show Dart said, “These poor people are seeing everything they own put out on the street. … They’ve paid their bills, paid them on time. Here we are with a battering ram at the front door going to throw them out. It’s gotten insane.” Link!

As a renter myself, in the very expensive Bay Area, this has made me think that I may not be safe. Like my neighbors, we pay our rent expecting to be housed for another month, but who knows what the landlord is actually doing with the money.


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