No More Mother’s Cookies!

Noooooo!!!! Now how will I satisfy my nostalgic cookie cravings?! After 92 years, Mother’s Cookies has filed for bankruptcy and will officially close Monday. After uprooting it from its baking and distribution base in Oakland, CA to Ohio and Canada a couple of years ago the owners felt they weren’t making a profit and abruptly told their workers of the sad news. 59-year old Frank Makely, one of the company’s drivers, was angered at the decision. “I’m too old to get a driving job. Who would hire me?” Link!

I can still remember the fragrance of freshly baked cookies coming from their warehouse in East Oakland. Or an after school treat of Taffy’s, Chocolate Chip, or Circus Animals with milk. Damn! Damn! Damn! 😦


One Response to “No More Mother’s Cookies!”

  1. This is not going to make me sad in the UK, but I can feel your pain! That would be like no more Marmite ( ). Unthinkable.

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