Child Abandonment On-The-Rise-In Nebraska

Safe-haven laws in Nebraska, as in other parts of the country, allow a parent (usually a young mother) to drop their child off (usually a newborn) at a hospital or a fire department with a no questions asked policy where they may simply walk away. The law began in hopes of preventing newborns that were literally being thrown away by the mother. Nebraska was slightly different; the state allowed protection for children up to the age of 19. The state has recently seen an increase of parent and guardians giving up their legal rights and responsibilities and abandoning their children, one reportedly as old as 17, to the government. “The law in my opinion is being abused now,” said State Senator Arbie Stuthman, who said he would push for a revision. “There are family services out there, but some people may lack the resources to take advantage of them, and we’ve got to take a hard look at what more we can provide.”

“I was able to get the kids to a safe place before they were homeless,” said father Gary Stanton who abandoned 9 of his 10 children after his wife died. “I hope they know I love them. I hope their future is better without me around them.” Link!


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