Roger Ebert On John McCain

Point blank, film critic Roger Ebert does not like Senator McCain. He writes in an article from the Chicago Sun Times that he feels McCain was plain disrespectful towards Senator Barack Obama during the debate because he didn’t have the common decency to even look in Obama’s direction when he spoke even though both candidates were asked to do so by moderator Jim Lehrer. Who’s the actual elitist? Does McCain feel Obama’s running is an affront to  other good ‘ol boys? Link!


One Response to “Roger Ebert On John McCain”

  1. Catherine Yoshimura Says:

    Perhaps, McCain was reacting like any person who has lied so much that they just can’t look at someone in the eye because they are so ashamed. But, I jest…McCain and his poor choice of a VP, discredit this country on what we can point to as products of this nation’s educational system. My God, you would have thought that they were part of the generation of “No Child Left Behind”. I don’t jest. We can do better.

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