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Happy Halloween Flashback Edition! (Sombody’s Watching Me-Rockwell)

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It’s that time again! So break out that costume and candy and have a great time while we flashback with a little of Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me”.


Samoa Vs Tonga For Rugby World Cup

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I’ve never watched a full game of the sport rugby, so I can’t say I’m a fan, but a friend who is let me know that they’re preparing for the World Cup currently and teams are playing in the semi-finals.

This Friday, Samoa and Tonga will be battling it out and one of them will be even closer to becoming champions. Below is a clip from a couple of years ago where they’d previously played each other. They’re intimidating each other with their versions of a Maori haka.


Creepy Axe Dark Temptation Commercial

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axetemptationI saw this new commercial for the Axe brand men’s body sprays this morning and it totally creeped me out. Their new scent is called Dark Temptation and it smells like “hot chocolate amber and red peppercorn.” I need to smell it to really judge because from what they’re telling me – that doesn’t sound too appealling.

The commercial shows a life sized chocolate person walking about town while women scramble to bite, lick, and eat parts of him. All the while, this thing has a creepy non-moving smile on his face even when a chick takes a bite out of his ass while on the bus. I’ll be having nightmares tonight.


Car Lovers May Want To Look Away

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A new two-man show named “Auto Auto!” in Germany lets the audience hear the music that can be eminated from a car being vandalized. Performer/artist Christian von Richthofen and his partner take to the stage and obliterate, usually, an Opel Kadet E in about 90 minutes playing a variety of tunes along the way. The idea came as a way to get youth interested in music and so far it has been a success. But, to fans of the Opel the percussionists performances are down right blasphemous. They say the show makes a shortage of auto parts for their cars and one fan has even threatened to go to Von Richthofen’s house and destroy his car, but the artist isn’t fazed saying, “Let the motherfucker come, I’ve only got a bicycle!” Link! (via Der Spiegel)


Complaining Customer Finds Feces In His Gelato

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What’s wrong with people?! If I owned a pub, and a customer had a complaint I would work it out so that all my patrons were satisfied. But, a couple complained in Sydney that a pub owner put some “frozen fecal matter” in their gelatos which made them both extremely ill. They side it arose when they claimed they couldn’t hear a football game on the television because of the loud music in the establishment.

The pub owners claim their innocence with both sides saying they were trying to get large sums of money out of one another. They police say they may have to turn to DNA to further investigate. Ewww!!! Link! (via CNN)


Andrew Zimmern Tastes Hawaii

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I caught the episode of Bizarre Foods last night where Andrew Zimmern visited Hawai’i. I really didn’t know what to expect since I’d previously viewed fellow chef Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show where he visited the islands as well. I was left a little disappointed with Bourdain’s tour.

On Bourdain’s show, which I like as well, he didn’t eat any Native Hawaiian foods nor did he have a Native Hawaiian on his show. He did have locals, however, but as most should know that oftentimes doesn’t mean the same thing. The locals, comprising of Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos, mostly showed Bourdain local favorites (including spam masubi, chicken long rice, and some newer Pan-Asian dishes) that were introduced to Hawai’I after the mass influx of foreigners and World War II happened. It was an enjoyable show overall, but I felt it didn’t give a real perspective on Hawaiian culture that Bourdain often showcases in other episodes from his travels around the world.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tuned in to Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods. Not only did he sample the post World War II recipes of Hawai’I (which he didn’t care for), he also had *gasp* actual Hawaiian/Polynesians on the show! Zimmern was invited to a luau, hosted by a Hawaiian/Maori/Caucasian/Asian family where he tried traditional favorites such as kalua pig, he’e, and poi. (His faced turned into a disgusted grimace when he ate the poi though. I was laughingly perplexed as this guy will voraciously eat lamb testicles with a side of jizz yet can’t stand stuff made from a taro root. :-)). He also went on a wild boar hunt where they skinned the animal and ate the internal organs before they spoiled. Unsurprisingly, he gobbled those right up! Then he went to the island of Moloka’I where he munched on fresh ‘opihi with some laid back locals.

As you can probably guess, I prefered Zimmern’s Hawai’I show to Bourdain’s as I think it gave the viewer a more well-rounded perspective of the foods and cultures there. As Native Hawaiians are a minority in their own lands, I’m glad Zimmern (or his producers) decided to not forget us and showcase some of the more exotic fare that might not show up at a typical touristy luau.

Below is a clip of Zimmern about to bust-one eating all that ono-licious food.


Clergymen Receive $2 Million Record Deal

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(l to r) Frs. Martin OHagan, Eugene OHagan, David Delargy

(l to r) Frs. Martin O'Hagan, Eugene O'Hagan, David Delargy

Fathers Martin O’Hagan, Eugene O’Hagan (who are also brothers), and David Delargy have been singing together since their teenage years, but they didn’t expect that when they sent off their demo to “the powers that be” that they’d be offered a $2 million recording deal from Sony BMG.

CNN: Is it fair to say you consider yourselves priests first and musicians second?

Eugene O’Hagan: Well, we’ve always been singing, even before we became priests. So in a sense entering into the musical life of the church has brought us into priesthood. It’s a happy fusion of two gifts, really — priesthood and music.

You can check it out yourself when their debut album is released November 18th. Link! (via CNN)


Shrinking Breasts Caused By Coffee

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I’ll only drink coffee if I’m either exhausted or recovering from a hangover, but for some people they just can’t get enough of that warm, tasty drink. Now scientists claim that drinking three cups of coffee per day can shrink women’s breasts. Studies showed that the ingredients in coffee have an effect on the female hormone estrogen. But don’t panic, ladies, you won’t see your breasts going from a D cup to an A overnight. Link! (via Daily Mail)


Italian Court Bans Parents From Naming Child “Friday”

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Image from Robinson Crusoe

Image from Robinson Crusoe

Judges in Italy intervened when news of a couple naming their child “Venerdi” or “Friday” in English got around. The couple got the name from a character in Robinson Crusoe, but the judges felt the name was associated with “subservience and inferiority” since the character in the book is a “native servant”.

Instead, the judges invaded the couples right to name their child as they wanted and re-named him “Gregorio” after the saint’s day on which he was born. Link! (via The BBC)


Eat Slower To Gain Less Weight

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A study out of London showed how fast people ate their food and what their waistlines were like. People who tend to eat quickly until full were three times more likely to be obese than volunteer participants were said they ate slowly until full.

Scientists claim that with the availability of cheap, fast food, and a more sedentary lifestyle a lot of people aren’t actually paying attention into what goes into their bodies. Environment is also a factor with most of the obese participants eating quickly while watching television. Researchers say the solution would be to eat slower in a calmer environment.

I’ve found that it’s worked for me because it takes a while for the brain to get the message that your stomach is actually full. So, take the time to enjoy your meal and relax! Link! (via Reuters)