Will Police Pay For Pot?

If Colorado residents James and Lisa Masters win their case in court, the Fort Collins police surely will. The soon-to-be case stems from an arrest of the couple made a year ago when officers raided their home on suspicion that they weren’t growing 39 marijuana plants for medical use. That investigation and case eventually fell through and a judge ordered the police to return the plants, but by then they were dead due to lack of care.

After being denied reimbursement for their damaged property, the couple is considering a lawsuit worth $200,000. Though this may be the first case of its kind, Colorado does have on its law books stating police may not “harm, neglect, or destroy” seized plants in cases like the Masters’. Link!


2 Responses to “Will Police Pay For Pot?”

  1. Tim & Tammy Adams Says:

    Tim is a medical patient who just received his siezed items back from the police department after 5 years. Yes, all molded. Wondering the outcome of your suit?

  2. jakgraphix3 Says:

    James. I need you to get in contact with me as soon as possible. It’s Jeff Johnson. I am the sign guy/MMJ patient . I tried to call your number but it was disconnected. I need to know who your attorney is. The attorney for your law suit. I’ve got a bunch of suits I need filed. They are harassing me over MMJ now and a TON of other stuff. PLEASE contact me. You should have my number but if not then e-mail me at jakgraphix3@aol.com. I hope your wife is better. Haven’t talked since she got real sick again last year. Sincerely, Jeff Johnson

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