Rednecks For Obama

With their motto, “Rednecks For Obama. We Hunt, Fish, Drink Beer, and  Support Barack Obama”, splashed across bumper sticker, t-shirts, and signs, some people may wonder if this is just a marketing ploy to gain attention to themselves or if their support is truly genuine. But Missouri friends, Tony Viessman and Les Spencer do believe in what Senator Obama stands for and his views especially when it comes to health care for the poor.

When asked by what it was about Senator Obama that makes him an ideal presidential candidate, Viessman responded, “He’s a very intelligent person. He always uses common sense when he’s talking. He’s very careful when he talks to you. He never gets hostile with people. You can’t go into other countries and belittle them…they don’t like it. A good example is he went to Europe. He had 200,000 in Germany come and see him – waving, y’know? A few years ago, you couldn’t do that. France – the same way. England – the same way. And that’s what we need, a leader. A leader!”

You can check out their website HERE! via


2 Responses to “Rednecks For Obama”

  1. The Rednecks for Obama campaign is gaining momentum. First they took away our beer (budweiser is now made overseas), what’s next, NASCAR????

    We were at the Obama Rally in NC on Oct. 5. See this video

    Rednecks of the world unite!

  2. 🙂 That video was too funny…

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