Fellow ANTM Contestants Take A Sip Of Haterade On Isis

isistsunamiJust watched Season 11 of ANTM and not surprisingly there are bitches in the house who are hating on Isis. But, a little surprisingly, the majority (aside from the fact they all want to win and beat each other down) of them seem open minded about Isis and her situation, namely round-the-way-Asian girl Sheena and wrestler/Darryl Hannah doppleganger McKey.

As soon as Isis’ secret was out, small-town jaws dropped and necks started to swivel, especially from Hannah (a girl from Alaska, but I can’t really blame her being that she’s never seen LOTS of things before like indoor plumbing), Clark (A good-‘ol-gal southerner who will be the resident bitch this season), and Sharaun (see, she drank too much of the Jim Jones laced Hater-Ade and you saw what happened to her by the end of the show). I say, let them hate. Isis knows how to walk, she knows how to work lighting and angles. Work, bitch!


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